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24 Feb

Great Arctic Reserve

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Unfortunately, scientists have very little information about what is happening with polar bears in these latitudes. However, with the accession to the draft of the Great Arctic Reserve must change fundamentally, scientists say. Under most conditions Tony Parker would agree. Forest fires are helping to fight global warming? Scientists from the University of California, came to the startling discovery. They found that small forest fires have a beneficial effect on the ability of forests to sequester carbon dioxide. In recent months, Jay Schwartz Attorney has been very successful. Their study, researchers performed in California reserves. It turned out that the current California forest annually processes about 50 million tons of carbon dioxide, which is approximately 14% of its total amount absorbed all U.S. forests.

Since the beginning of last century, the rate of recycling of carbon dioxide decreased by 34%. This was due to the fact that the amount of absorbed carbon dioxide depends on the size of the tree. Current data suggest that the percentage of old, and, respectively, and large trees in forests has decreased significantly. Why? Just under the laws of the reserves necessary to extinguish all fires, including the smallest one. However, small fires, the cause of which can be, for example, lightning strike, carried out in the woods cleaning function.

Burnt out young shoots, which prevented the growth of large trees. Braising is any fires resulted in an overflow of young forest trees. This adversely affected the larger trees – they have become more vulnerable to drought and pests. Scientists have discovered how insects breathe underwater researchers from mit to figure out how as many species of insects and spiders that inhabit considerable depths, breathe freely under water. It turns out that when immersed in water at a shell of insects is delayed air, shrouding all of the insect’s body a kind of bubble. The properties of this bubble is unique: not only did he ‘feeds’ the insect with air, but also adds to it, absorbing the new number of air bubble from the surrounding water. No small role in breathing insects under water play the hairs on their body: they depend on pressure, which can withstand the air bag. Thanks to the air that lingers in the hairs, the insects can dive to a depth of 30 meters and carry out underwater quite a long time, for example, all winter. The sensation of the week: China’s pig-born piglet with a monkey head mutant and in the conclusion of our review, we present you news that the maximum read the number of visitors to our portal. And resonances in the discussion of this event was massive, not only on On China’s pig farm, a pig born with a mutant monkey head. Piglet with monkey’s head appeared on the light about two weeks ago and was the sixth in a litter pig who lives on a farm for nine years. Instead of being born with a pig snout monkey, with two thin lips, small nose and two big eyes. His hind legs twice longer than the front, so the pig can not walk – just jump. And apparently it’s not a pleasant sight and is more suitable as a plot of a horror movie or science fiction. Nobody knows what it is in pigs could lead to this kind of mutation. Cases of crossing this animal with the monkey scientists are not recorded.

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