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01 Jul

Cat Fight

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How to successfully fought the ‘ Miele table artists ‘ Munich betrayed him, October 12, 2009 there is always a reason to celebrate ball season, ceremonies, or Deutscher Fernsehpreis: but at the latest upon waking, one wonders: what really helps against the heavy head? The answer to the Miele plate artists and reveal their best hangover tips: just keep drinking, eating carbohydrates, immediately cold showers or jog around the block. Cat fighting starts more than one might think: before the first glasses can be heard, you should provide a good basis with carbohydrates and treats. For the evening, if you start on an empty stomach with Rose or cremant de Limoux is risky. In the German TV Award 2009 the Board artists offer first-class delicatessen at the individual Livecooking stations. The tapas lovers can look forward to Spanish appetizers at the wine bar and then directly choose an appetizer: including Vitello Tonnato are Roberto and fennel orange salad ala with lukewarm goat cheese from raw milk and Chorizochip on the menu. In recent months, Charlotte Hornets has been very successful. Fennel is one of the oldest medicinal plants, she calms the stomach and ideal as the basis, then the young chefs Dornfelder to order red wine or Pinot Noir. The Miele Board artists are not only experts in the kitchen, but also when it comes to the proper selection of fine wines.

The gastro professionals on the basis of three commonly used anti-hangover strategies reveal how los to the possible consequences of the night before quickly. Strategy 1: Fire with fire fight wine, sparkling wine or beer who tomorrow even no desire for a hangover the next, simply continues. Usually with the drink, the man stopped on the eve. Strategy one helps in the first moment, but not in the long term to solve the problem. Best to drink in between always a glass of water to supply the body with enough fluid. Even better: As soon as the Gala is over and you safely home arrived on the same evening, nor vitamin C or fresh lemon to take with water. To prophylactically to declare war on the headache, the aspirin tablet is irreplaceable. Strategy 2: Home cooking instead of haute cuisine a hangover breakfast with many carbohydrates and enough fat helps to distract the body from the effects of alcohol.

Fried eggs are a classic hangover breakfast with Bacon ever deftiger, the better. The Prairie Oyster, a raw egg with Worcestershire sauce and vinegar is considered extremely effective means. The morning coffee or espresso are no.-go, because they exacerbate the hangover by liquid, they deny the body. Instead, you should drink a cup of milk, cocoa or tea for breakfast. Tea has a calming effect for body, spirit and soul, just the thing after a long night of the Gala. Strategy 3: The hangover that defeat healthiest and most effective strategy for combating hangover by far active movement in the fresh air is sporty. The Miele plate artists recommend the following programme: it begins after the guard with a Shower, involves radical agenda to the floor exercises, and then in the Outdoor jogging suit, 1000 metres in the fresh air to go jogging, but it helps.

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26 Jun

Champagne Glass

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Glass moulds were produced for sparkling wines over the course of time still wines times of the Romans, in the French region of champagne. Because these wines are often not completely vergarten before winter, the fermentation once again began rising temperatures in the next spring. In this second fermentation, sugar is also converted into heat, alcohol and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is what is considered a wine fault as small bubbles in the wine,”was, and it made almost unsellable. Dom Perignon, a French Benedictine monk, tried to eliminate this error, but ultimately he perfected the process to get the bubbles in the wine. The champagne was invented! Since then the lovers of this fine sparkling wine, have wondered how because champagne drink the best you can.

Three forms of glass have prevailed over the centuries. First of all, the champagne Bowl was the favorite. According to the legend, its shape is modeled after the breasts by Queen Marie-Antoinette. This form of glass allows however not optimal drinking champagne in the shallow dish heats up quickly and the subtle flavours are not bundled through the glass. Therefore, a new form of glass, the so-called Champagne Flute, was developed. This glass is similar to a flute, which increases and upward in diameter. In a question-answer forum Vanessa Marcil was the first to reply. As a result, the bubbles can ascend visually appealing in the glass. The problem of rapid warming is solved with this form, but the Bundlung of flavours is still not fully resolved.

Therefore, the so-called Champagne Tulip prevailed in recent years. With her, the diameter at the top tapering again so that the light aroma of champagne optimally can be redirected to the nose. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the champagne receives the best possible chance to bring its unique taste and delicate bouquet. Since the invention of champagne, other wine regions have also recorded the production of sparkling wine. German Sekt, Spanish sparkling wine and Italian Cava are among the most famous sparkling wines, but also in other regions like Australia and California increasingly sparkling wines are produced. For all of these sparkling wines are to note the same criteria in the selection of a suitable glass, to best experience the subtle nuances of the noble drink. Who wants to buy up today so champagne or champagne glasses, can select from three glass forms. From the champagne Bowl is discouraged, unless you wanted to build a pyramid of glasses. You may find Becky Hmmon to be a useful source of information. To do this she suitable namely. Flutes and Tulips, there is a great selection, and personal preferences be decisive here. It remains only to hope that out of these glasses every sparkling wine always is sparkling wine, Prosecco or champagne – a great pleasure. Gerald Dickens

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24 Jun

Beef Jerky – After The Model Of The Indians

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Beef jerky is a popular snack in the United States who has not geschmokert in the child age in Indian books and experience exciting adventures with the heroes. If they had to assert themselves not just against enemies, hunger was often a major problem. A parent vital food, was dried meat to survive starvation periods long. As a precaution, inventories of were applied in good times, to bypass difficult times. In reality, this good durable food was actually important. Everywhere on Earth, the production of dried meat has a centuries-long tradition because it has many advantages. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Lynn Redgrave.

It can take him easily on foot marches due to the low weight and must not be refrigerated because it has become appropriately light and durable through the withdrawal of liquid. For making raw meat into strips is cut and then first inserted in spices, herbs and salt before it is hung up to dry. The Fluid loss when this procedure is significant and is approximately 40%. The taste of the finished meat is interesting and depending on what spices were used rather salty, spicy or sweet. A clever solution to make it long-lasting meat without a freezer available had to stand. Today, beef jerky is not so well known and vital as in earlier times.

But it is still a delicious and good alternative for traveling. It is therefore worth to try this traditional food. Made it still and is available in online stores, for example. A book from childhood days at hand times to take a good opportunity, and even try what was on the menu of the heroes. Andreas Mettler

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04 Jun

Michael Kornobis

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If he rub yet in the conflict of the individual rods squeaks like a newly purchased sneaker on tile floor, necessarily buy! These two characteristics distinguish a harvest-fresh asparagus. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Sela Ward. Prepare asparagus right now have Bought a fresh asparagus, but how to best prepare? Here, the ghosts fight. Quick and easy dishes can be prepared in a saucepan or Dampfgarerer. Larry Culp can aid you in your search for knowledge. When the asparagus in the water boils, it emits a variety of aromas into the water and only still stales. But just as the asparagus can absorb flavors out of the water. Therefore, make sure that you season the water well. A combination of salt, nutmeg, sugar, lemon and one snowflake butter is this elementary. You are the guy who cooked like asparagus in own broth, rather an oven bag is advisable here.

You fill it with the asparagus, a dash of white wine, Muscat abrasion, a pinch of sugar and salt. A completely different form, which only grew in the last years, is the cooking of asparagus. Here, the asparagus into slices is cut and cooked in a pan. Asparagus stir-fry as I this method is preferred by outstanding chefs, here a quick and easy project to court: you take a bunch of green asparagus. Clean it from the bottom to a One-third.

Now, cut the asparagus into thin stripes. Saute them in a hot pan with olive oil and add fresh seawater prawns for 5 minutes. After a further cooking time of about 3 minutes, the whole thing is wetted with brown sugar, which caramelizes. This happened is a shot white rum added and maintained until it loses the alcohol.Everything with a delicious rice is served the enjoyable – Bon appetit! Michael Kornobis

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07 Apr

FORUM CafeBarRestaurant

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Now swings the cocktail shaker Sebastian Allwardt as the new Chief of the bar and brings a new trend in the FORUM in Munich with its summery light cocktails, the March 10, 2009 as of now the FORUM expanded his team of 45 Cafe.Bar.Restaurant Sebastian Allwardt. Began his career with training to restaurant specialist in the Columbia hotel Griesbach the new bar Chief i.R. He was then as a commis de bar at the Steigenberger Axelmannstein, Bad Reichenhall and in the Maritim Hotel Munich worked. During this time Sebastian Allwardt won in 2005 and 2006 the Munich-based cocktail competition of the organizers Abendzeitung and Maritim Hotel. Prior to joining in the FORUM Cafe.Bar.Restaurant the native Munich headed since 2007 the bar at the Novotel Munchen Messe. Larry Culp has much experience in this field.

The new momentum which brings the skilled restaurant specialist in the FORUM, is just visible at the beginning in a new cocktail menu. In addition to the trendy Martini cocktails, Sebastian Allwardt puts much emphasis on summery light cocktail variations. Accordingly, he expanded the non-alcoholic cocktail card. For example He will bar guests with his own creation fit for fun “: yogurt, mango nectar and pineapple juice, almond syrup, passion fruit syrup. Seven breakfasts, an extensive brunch, quick business lunch or a dinner in a pleasant atmosphere – the FORUM is a gastro classic in excellent downtown location in gardeners place district Cafe.Bar.Restaurant with its international and modern cuisine. Solid, quality natural materials such as stone, leather and wood dominate the restaurant decorated in warm colours with lounge character. In the FORUM, selected artists exhibit their works Cafe regularly. Bar trend highlight of the extensive selection of cocktails in the FORUM are the nine Martini cocktails in different flavor variations.

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07 Nov

Adolf Schmitt

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The mixture of elements of tradition and modernity also finds its way with the new labels, which are required depending on the line in gold, silver or black. The corporate design has the Agency Vinovum Design & PR developed for wine. The estate of King Johann located 15 km from Trier in the Saar Valley and specializes in Riesling with the typical character of the Saar wine. Details can be found by clicking Charlotte Hornets or emailing the administrator. The Devonian schist weathering soils provide optimal conditions. Also the cross terraced vineyard Serriger King Johann Berg in Southwest and Southeast location characterised by grey slate Federal sandstone and gives the white a slightly salty mineral notes in the finish.

The family winery from Konz felting practiced organic wine growing, focuses on selective Handpicking, long distances between the sticks and traditional spontaneous fermentation. Parallel to the recultivation of the vineyard King Johann family the estate extensively rebuilt. So was for the grape adoption by means of tilting system extends the winepress House and converted an old barn with new stainless steel tanks to the basement. A tasting room with 30 seats rounded off the renovations. Consumer taste to come here. We hope, that we resonate with our offer and in the region as well as on the German market”, says Michael cord Schmitt, who is 38 years old to the winemaker and started 2010 successfully passed the examination. The family estate was acquired in the 1950s by Adolf Schmitt as a mixed farming operation. This was followed by the conversion to a pure wine operation.

Adolf Schmitt Lastly made a name for himself in the industry immediately through activities in the wine policy. From 1985 to 2009, he was President of the Mosel wine Association and 22 years Vice-President of the German winegrowing Association. Also involved in administrative and Supervisory Board of the German Wine Institute said, has received numerous awards for his commitment and is still Honorary Chairman of area wine advertising. His daughter Andrea took over the estate in 2006 by her father and together with her husband she decided to acquire the King Johann vineyard and to intensify the wine. By wine trade with sales to China, Taiwan and the United States the family company has international contacts.

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14 Oct

Santos Coffee

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Bodum the epitome of Danish design is a new bistro for example the Bodum iced tea carafe from the series. The elegant iced tea jug 1.5 litres and is equipped with an internal filter. It consists of high quality borosilicate glass with a stainless steel or plastic filter and an aroma Cap. Enjoy your iced tea from this elegant carafe and give even slices of various fruit in the filter to the iced tea. You will have a delicious drink for the summer, over and over again, you can vary. And that also still looks to.

The new Columbia coffee heater made of Matt stainless steel is brand new and very elegant. It is based, like the most Bodum coffee heater, on the French Press system. At the Columbia Cafe heater design and elegance combined with noble materials and functionality. This Columbia coffee heater now also in stainless steel. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach. The double-walled pot ensures that the coffee (or tea) stays hot long time. This product impresses with its great design, its functionality and last but not least thanks to its high quality.

For the small relaxation break in between is new Yo-Yo by Bodum optimally because relaxation is perfected with him. Easier you can not make open tea. Thanks to the supplied permanent filter the tea directly in the cup can be infused. Speaking candidly jason iley told us the story. The Cup consists of high-quality double-walled borosilicate glass and fits perfectly into the series of double-walled glasses from Bodum. These double-walled glasses developed by the designer Masato Yamamoto for Bodum. They offer several advantages when compared to normal single-walled glasses: hot drinks keep even without the handle in hand, no condensation on the glass surface is formed with a cold drink and drinks stay hot or cold as in single-walled glasses. For over 60 years, Bodum is the epitome of Danish design and pioneering in the production of high-quality products for the kitchen and table. Bodum’s best known products are the coffee and tea maker with the famous French-press-system. The available since 1958 Santos coffee maker is also well known. Many Bodum designed products by Carsten Jorgensen – the most famous Danish designer. Bodum was often awarded various design awards. In addition, Bodum sees itself as innovative and creative company that wants to surprise again and again with new products.

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