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10 Feb

Russian New Year In Amsterdam

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Europe is a new year, the Netherlands, Amsterdam. We are particularly pleased to present you a tour Amsterdam new year. Pleasure is very special because this year we tried to give our regular and new customers the opportunity to experience a truly native holiday atmosphere, being away from home. Puteshestvovie will be one of the most beautiful corners of Europe – Benelux, enjoy walking, bus and boat trips, Dutch herring and smoked eel, Belgian beer and waffles with strawberry jam, maybe even visit the coffeeshop And yet the New Year you will meet in an atmosphere of genuine Russian fun, accompanied by our musicians and television. Robert Rimbergs opinions are not widely known. Now the main thing in detail. December 31 at 20.00 Dutch time (22.00 Moscow time), on the quay in the heart of Amsterdam you will find an old double-decked ship Prince of Orange (Prins van Oranjie). The charges all guests given hour, after which, at 21.00, the ship set sail from the coast and take a course on the North Sea. Ship swim across the bay Ay (Ij).

On the top floor you will wait, covered with a festive dinner, tables. (Buffet with lots of hot and cold dishes). You will be entertained Russian musicians and Russian television, broadcast by satellite. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Robert Rimberg. Exactly at 23.57 Moscow (21.57 Dutch time) the music dies down, the glasses filled with champagne in anticipation of the greeting words of our Dear President, and with the chimes, we all congratulate each other and, together with the musicians moved to the first floor (second, meanwhile, will lay a dessert), which is equipped with a dance floor – and here begins the main part holiday. Music will play for you until the morning. Since our musicians – you can order your favorite songs! We have deliberately organized a New Year celebration on the open water that no circumstances (dissatisfaction with the neighbors, hours of the restaurant) do not limit the breadth of the Russian soul and marred the holiday. Close to midnight on Dutch time we sail back to Amsterdam to fireworks and fireworks from the pier to celebrate New Year again, already together with the hospitable Dutch.

For those who want a change of scenery for a while and relax a bit, we have provided a specially equipped boat to chill out (lounge with low coffee tables and soft ottoman), where throughout the festive night will run a bar and play a quiet, relaxing music. The ship will stand at the pier until 4 am in the Dutch time. At 4 am you will have to wait for a comfortable bus, which all wishing on hotels. Everything that we had the honor to present the above describes our prepared holiday only in general terms to earlier time does not disclose all the cards and New Year's Eve present to you a few surprises. Thus, dear friends, are waiting for you in Holland. You will enjoy the New Year 2009: Europe, we promise

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26 Jun

Where To Go Traveling

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Oh, how it is still difficult to decide where to go to the modern traveler. To conquer the mountains, explore the jungle, go on a safari or still prefer the democratic relaxing on the beach. So where to go? First of all, answer his question: "Do you have a real travel experience?" If not, then it is better to leave while trying to conquer the world with incredible heights and exotic adventures, and start with places that are your "backyard". Impossibilities do not exist, but they should strive, step by step, becoming more experienced and more confident. Likewise, we need to have certain resources to the trip, the most important is of course time and money. Time time – are always limited.

The most important limitation is the time of our lives. Seasoned travelers will tell immediately that drive around the entire globe is practically impossible, so we need to limit yourself and do not plan for travel for a period of 20-30 years. Well, you say while we have found and how is the money? After all, the money all the time is not enough. Certainly not enough, if you live in luxury hotels, to ride in a taxi and eat alone delights of modern cuisine. In everyday life we do not do, and most Europeans can not afford it. To live in hotels and eat in inexpensive dining is the best option for you and your wallet. The most important thing Remember – a journey not a privilege of rich people that can win or earn, and accessible to all of life experience. I wish that you have a question "where to go" was important in life. Travel, study, Meet and enjoy it!

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