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11 Jun

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The key event of Genesis was that of Cain and Abel. Perhaps the two most discussed passages in the history of thought have been the creation ex nihilo, ie God as creator of the world without any preliminary matter in the Universe, and the serpent tempting Eve to eat of the fruit suggesting forbidden would give them the wisdom to be like God (Eritis sicut Deus). In other words, the cosmos was formed as a result of reactions between matter existing gotten or was God the Creator of it? As for the episode of the apple from the forbidden tree ontological consequences deriving how far our reason and the thirst for knowledge and what are our limits because it can never be gods. Identical readings in Greek mythology cosmogony (set of narratives that attempt to explain the origin of the universe) from Hesiod and Plato's Timaeus. In the myth of Prometheus tells his daring to steal fire from the gods and fertilize the soil seed with the consequent punishment as were Adam and Eve. Anyway, regardless of any tradition, which became clear to the ancients was the idea of attributing to Providence the creation of man, for two reasons: intelligence could not come from insensitive and gross matter, and On the other hand, thinking about the purpose God could have moved, it seemed that humans were destined to be the center of the world.

Similarly, the desire for eternal youth and paradise would not be possible in this life, for it was also necessary to redeem divine intervention. But if we look at the life, day by day, the most significant event was undoubtedly that of Cain, in which his conduct after being rebuked by Yahweh, in an act of jealous rage and killed his brother Abel. Is that the key moment: the only man able to master their most primal instincts through education, training to build the character is as well that the Greeks conceived of ethics. Expelled from paradise, our efforts should be directed to educate ourselves and live in society, that is the essential idea that we leave Genesis. Lost in air debates, perhaps we have not noticed that the only thing in our power to create, are institutions and strategies for taming the wolf within us. And all creation involved in some way the desire to be like God, with the moral that allowed us to be masters of the mundane as long as our pride does not covet the celestial. The failure of Adam and Eve was not being deceived by the serpent, but have been unable to raise Cain, who is the drama that is repeated in our time with an increasingly violent society. Experiment with cider to be as gods, ie the wisdom hidden in the apple: the elimination of evil is only possible through education and moral progress.

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