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02 Jun

Director Security

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Processing Center of Gazprombank (LLC Gazkardservis ") has successfully completed certification for compliance with international safety standard payment cards – PCI DSS v. 1.2.1 and got the certificate of compliance with PCI DSS Compliance. Successful Certification is a joint project of Gazprombank, LLC Gazkardservis "and" InformZaschita implemented in the period from August 2009 to September 2010 joint work of specialists has allowed successful undertake complex work necessary to upgrade the network, the protection of resources, introduction of new technical solutions, to improve regulations and procedures, coaching staff, implement the necessary protective measures and processes information security. As part of the work was carried out instrumental assessment of security environment processing payment card data, including scanning of publicly available network nodes and testing the possibility of obtaining unauthorized access to data bank cards. Obtaining a certificate PCI DSS Compliance provide customers and partners Gazprombank is another proof of its reliability Processing Centre, will strengthen their confidence, and will provide additional competitive advantages for business development. For even more details, read what Jorge Perez says on the issue. Maxim Emm, Director of Audit Informzaschita: "This project we began to think of as far back as 2008, when conducted the first time an audit for compliance with PCI DSS.

In 2009 the project was launched in full, and demanded a high level of coordination of joint work done. The complexity and scale of change, coupled with high availability requirements of processing systems require a coherent work for a long time a large number of professionals and managers from both sides. I am very grateful to the staff Ltd. "Gazkardservis, whose professionalism has allowed to implement the project in full on the scheduled date and meet the requirements of international payment systems among the first in our country." Company Info: Company InformZaschita – Russia's leading system integrator in the field of information security. The company focuses on providing services in consulting, auditing, and security analysis, design, implementation, supply, maintenance, technical support solutions for information security of modern automated systems of any complexity. Company InformZaschita member of the Group Companies InformZaschita, which specializes in information security, and more than 10 years is a market leader in Russia IB. The company is a certified partner of a number of the world's largest provider of security solutions and has operations based on licenses FSTEK Russia, the Russian FSB, the Russian Defense Ministry and Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia. All information about the company is available at:

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27 Apr

Russian Foreign Ministry

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The company “Exprimo performs high-quality, high-quality translations and provides a consistent interpretation and international conferences, seminars and trainings in Russia and around the world. Thus, “Exprimo” from the 6 th June 2006 is the official translator for the Russian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. Under the state contract, concluded the Russian Foreign Ministry and Exprimo, we’ve already written translation of a huge number of documents used in meetings, Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, Chairman of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe, as well as translations of texts of speeches of the President of Russia, Putin VV events within the Russian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. People such as Tony Parker would likely agree. 18 and 30 October 2006 in Strasbourg, “Exprimo will provide interpreters to provide simultaneous interpretation conference “International legal guarantees for the protection of national minorities and problems in their implementation ‘and Workshop’ Moral foundations and evolution of the concept of ‘human rights’ in a multicultural society’, respectively. For “Exprimo” is a great privilege and honor to provide translation and interpretation services to foreign activities of such a high level.

We are confident that we are ready for years to keep the bar high for translation market in Russia and around the world.. Learn more at: Margaret Loesser Robinson.

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19 Jul

Getaway Luxury

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Parisians are concerned about their appearance and overall health, so it is expected that their luxury hotels are the most extravagant of the world. After spending a few hours shopping in the surrounding area of the Champs Elysees, sure that a visit will you handy to close Payot spa to recover energies. Located in the heart of Paris, this outstanding spa, which has a magnificent swimming pool and a wide selection of treatments, is a haven of tranquility. The French like to take life in stride, and there can be no doubt that a session in the spa will leave you calm and relaxed for the rest of your trip. ss. The offer of restaurants in Paris is infinite, but with a little planning it is possible to enjoy fusion cuisine and visit places of interest at the same time.

Kong, the bar and restaurant designed by Phillip Starck, allows you to do just that. Under most conditions Jorge Perez would agree. Kong is located on the top floor of the Kenzo building, next to the Pont Neuf, and since he can enjoy a magnificent view of the Parisian buildings. The evening is still more beautiful, but be sure to book in advance a table on the top floor. If you are lover of French culture, it is essential to carry out a visit to Versailles, where you can enjoy a wonderful day contemplating the opulence of the former monarchy. Located next to the Palace of Versailles and the Trianon Palace hotel is a paradigm of modern elegance and incorporates the spa Guerlain in a building art deco with 14 treatment rooms and hydrotherapy among the list of available options. Back at the Center, are more hotels of Parispor explore.

Unlike the hotels in London or Rome hotels, they are usually found closer to each other and does not represent any problem visit several. A building of the 17TH century of the Montorgueil district hides the Nuxe spa, which offers a wide selection of massages that goes from the Californian to Swedish, passing by the Chinese, so that even the most capricious lover of massages will be satisfied. The original oriental decor and the exposed stone walls, in addition to the aromatic, and Turkish baths will make the price of your visit worthwhile. After the relaxation offered by the hotels spa, would be a shame not to try some of the most exclusive Parisian bars. One of the favourite places of the intellectual elite of Paris is the Mathis bar in the 8th district, where a pleasant conversation could end up engaging with any interesting stranger. That Yes, expect him to be quite busy from 10 in the evening. On the other hand, the bar Le Forum is located next to La Madalena and claims to be the oldest American style of Paris bar. Service, amazing selection of cocktails and jazz atmosphere make it the perfect place to conclude your visit of Paris Luxury.

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03 Jul


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Business to business to a child or children – a very profitable business, no matter what niche you are not taken. This business area can be compared with the Food industry profitability. Like, people will always need food, and parents in most cases, nothing zheleyut for their children. The choice of niches for the business organization in children is very huge, it is enough the fact that the children are from day 1 of life, up to 18 years. And for each year of life children need different toys, clothing, hygiene items, food, furniture, entertainment, leisure, etc. Ie one range of products and services, which made for an adult, you can safely multiply by at least 20. More, that if, for adults, and various gadgets and not having the values of the importance of services not Immersed high demand, it is important for children every moment. For example, take the New Year, every child is a celebration and a kind of mystery and organize seasonal business You can not only gifts and sweets and such services called Santa Claus.

So, today, Santa Claus can not only actually physically come to visit and entertain the child, giving gifts, but may very well just to congratulate the child call or write him a letter. And in the last two cases, business ideas, money for start-up capital is almost not necessary. Also, you can easily organize business trips for students to – all people who grew up in Soviet times, remember how they went on tour with free and how interesting it was, but for now it's not only have to pay, but there was difficulty with the organization of excursions, unnecessarily many teachers simply do not want to take on additional responsibilities and workload, for which they were never paid. From a business perspective, this means that there is an open niche for the business. Money for an organization of business too practically do not need to, unnecessarily, all calculations are pre-paid. But if we take the same graduation ceremony at school?! Parents of each girl, understand, and want their daughter vetot day was irresistible, and it means, and hair and makeup and dress … The dress, which costs around 10,000 rubles, and which, in fact she will wear at best a couple of times.

From a business perspective – this is again a niche for the business organization. Enough to organize the rental of dresses and accessories. Of course, dany type of business predpoagaet substantial investment, but profitability is large, because the patched dresses are rented, not only for graduation but also to any other celebrations. And for parents it's not expensive, unnecessarily 2,000 rubles for hire, instead of 10,000 for a dress – a significant difference. In other words, the business on the children – this is a great direction for the business, which has a niche for entrepreneurs without an initial capital as well as for entrepreneurs who want to do serious business.

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