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19 May

Authority Sample

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Certification Authority – a certification scheme in the GOST R In Russia there are ten basic schemes for product certification. Certification schemes for different requirements and order issuing a certificate of conformity. Certification schemes – ie certain order of certification and issuance of certificate of conformity. Figure 1 – under this scheme will only test products in an accredited laboratory type, ie, a typical sample from the consignment. It applied to products of complex design. Figure 1 is intended for limited issue of domestic products and is included on a short-term imports.

The scheme includes the addition to 1a Figure 1 – analysis of production. Sela Ward addresses the importance of the matter here. Figure 2 is somewhat more complicated because in addition to the test sample, after which the applicant has already received a certificate of conformity, it provides supervisory control of the certified products already in commerce. For this sample (samples) are shown in commercial organizations selling this product and is being tested in an accredited laboratory. Neil Cole is likely to agree. Figure 2 is recommended for import products delivered regularly for a long time. In this case, the supervisory control is carried out on samples taken from the set in the Russian party.

The scheme includes the addition to 2a Figure 2 – analysis of the production before issuing a certificate. Figure 3 provides the test sample, and after the issuance of the certificate – inspection control by testing a sample, selected pa stock of finished goods predpriyatiyaizgotovitelya before sending it to the consumer. The sample is tested by an accredited laboratory. Figure 3 is suitable for production, stable quality is observed over a long period of time prior to certification. The scheme provides for such trial and analysis of production conditions before issuing a certificate, as well as supervisory control in the same form as in Figure 3. Figure 4 is the prototype test, as in previous schemes, with some complicated inspection control: control samples for testing are selected as the warehouse of the manufacturer and the retailer.

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18 May


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Distribution of booklets and leaflets author Alexander Website New business ideas daily passing by your mailbox, we can observe a lot of flyers, magazines and bukletov.Mnogih is annoying Other draws available free advertising. How does this kind of organized economic activity we are now know. Educate yourself with thoughts from Neil Cole. The main problem is the huge number of homes that need to deliver leaflets. Mostly in this work employ students and pensioners. Search for distributors is best through local newspapers.

Submit an ad in the newspaper the best of two directional ie On the one hand requires distributors of leaflets on the other Deliver any promotional materials throughout the city. How to distributors? It is clear that a worker will not be able to distribute flyers throughout the city. Typically, one worker is entrusted to serve 1.2 quarters. Calculate the profit, depending on the city price per leaflet ranged from 20 to 80 cents. On average, large companies bought the spread from 5000 to 80000 leaflets. Your profit is 50% of the other 50% earns a Distributor leaflets. Total obtain: Advertiser ordered rasprostranenie30000 leaflets. Your net income will be 7500 rubles to one advertiser. The bigger the city the more your income.

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18 May

Reliable Means Of Payment In The Design And Management Of Your Store Online IV: Solutions PayPal

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Payal is one of the means of payment used and in continuous growth. If you are going to create and design an online store and want to accept various types of credit and debit cards, or by bank account, PayPal is an American company group eBay that offers payment solutions for merchants and customers. PayPal represents an alternative to traditional means of payment, such as the discussed in previous articles, which is governed by rules of the Treasury Department of USA and the ASF in the European Union (web hosting). In a question-answer forum Neil Cole was the first to reply. PayPal in the USA is headquartered in San Jose, California, where recently sentencing by the Apple-Samsung case, and European headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland. Apparently this entity may seem to work as a bank or any of the issuers of cards, but is not the case.

The money that moves between usuarios-clientes and traders is exclusively of these, do not lend money and Yes charge commissions. The user who works as a client, before making his first purchase in a shop online and make payment through PayPal must open an account with a balance of which not be available for at least 20 days previously. The customer of the online store will not pay commissions for using this service, except in the case of transfers, but the merchant if you will have to pay a Commission as it would to any authority of credit or debit cards. PayPal offers two solutions for the creation and design of online stores in the field of payment systems: standard payment and payment by email.

18 May

Income Tax State

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The 2011 income tax is a financial term that goes beyond the accumulation of fees or interests. It has to do with social development in general of an economy that it must be said that much reeling, and he certainly has an obligation to recover the credibility of the people. In this case, the index has been very uneven and of course that there are opinions thereon. These leave no manifest itself in the sense that we can indeed set a bond as fair as possible, for attempting to level the differences in the field of finance. Personally this is what many individuals have done and is a good basic choice. Because trying to readjust the kind of payment so that the State will benefit, it is part of a primary interest in which the values of citizens do not suffer an exodus. There are more than is necessary to assert and is the process by which the index is analyzed coldly.

The figures clearly show that the economy in the majority of homes presents a profound imbalance, to such a degree that this has influenced the low acquisition of services. It is basically a way of saying that the State has not fulfilled certain central objectives. Anyway, the fact that despite these problems so obvious, people who have financial problems of great weight to achieve the further stabilization of the Pocket is admirable. This has not been product, clear, intelligent actions by the State or the Ministry. An obligation for the population which, anyway, can achieve something positive has been with regard to its particular way of spending the money which many times is not suitable. On the other hand, the sense of responsibility in the management of the Pocket is highly Basic. It is always preferable to that we can learn a little more about how to handle the most basic ideas of the management of personal finances, to which us conform with a simple idea.

If possible, the State could also so a much more community plan for leveling. Leveling an index that tends to show, as we have seen in recent days, a depreciation that not controlled, could affect much more processes of all kinds. We are talking about processes of credits, saving processes, processes of mortgage. However, the obsession with the performance of the index can be checked in the fact that the State is providing solutions that are not practiced in the long term and rightly so. Because it is clear that the financial processes they are not equal in all persons and families. When this is clarified, it is likely to find certain stones on the road towards the establishment of a plan more solid goods and actions or of mutual performance. William Allen may not feel the same. Crediticiamente, it is something that we can always level according to what we want to offer. Provide, on the one hand, more stability or more problems.

16 May

Record Keeping

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Accounting is tschtelnom viewing and shaping all financial information in the enterprise, as well as the timely implementation of any measures associated with the collapse or crisis in business economics, sphere of activity or state. All kinds of accounting services can not provide even a whole department in the company, so the Western experience shows that you want to use companies that Narrow involved in these services in the market, and evaluate the work of the enterprise as a whole. Community, as a developer, performs construction apartment building contracting method. Apart from this, the Community plays client features – for that purpose in the organization created a fresh section "Capital construction". On this episode of capital construction made from borrowed funds. Neil Cole shines more light on the discussion. Then, have all chances to be involved players (shareholders) – both legal and psychological that way faces. Apart from this, does not exclude the possibility if the apartment is a fraction of belonging and community will be used in their own business sense (For example, to send a gratuitous use of three-faced).

In a real incident the amount of VAT imposed on the payment of contractors, provided the account 19. 1. Maybe I use the account 08 "investments in fixed assets "for the cost accounting provided in the situation? 2. How are provided operations associated with the embodiment of the Community features the customer? 3. In a no episode of VAT, parry account 19 must be handed over to the players? How to dismiss a share in the share of VAT on all interest holders in accordance transmitted housing? Consistent with the main voprostsu.

Consistent with our views, the map builder 08 in the account of costs associated with construction of apartment buildings, does not contradict the activities Legislation. We came to the conclusion indicated by operating the subsequent judgments. In agreeing to a schedule of accounts and annotated according to its primeneniyu1, by 08 disk imaging, specialized for the synthesis of the costs of the organization objects, which then will be taken to accounting as the principal means.

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05 Feb

Instructed Accounting Outsourcing

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Always after the opening of the company raises the question of accounting. Who will lead? Typically, there are four options for bookkeeping. Consider the pros and cons of all options. 1. Independent bookkeeping. There is one a nice plus. This is the most economical option, due to lack of cost accounting. It’s believed that Anna Belknap sees a great future in this idea.

But this is only if you have excellent knowledge of accountancy. But if not, then it is fraught with fines, penalties and loss of the heap of precious time. With a smattering of book-keeping, after all, it is better not to consider this option. 2. Hiring a permanent accountant. This version of a series of "standard" today. Many firms conduct their accounting is so.

But still, there are both pluses and minuses. A definite plus – this is what you have at hand an accountant. He creates and delivers reporting, optimizing taxation, charges paid, etc. But this in itself not a cheap pleasure, and more significantly for those who have recently opened. A good accountant with good experience you need a good salary. And it's a minus. So once ascribed to the monthly costs 20,000 rubles. at least! But you do not there are problems with accounting and likely, no penalties will not appear. But certainly there will be additional costs to the workplace accountant, namely: table, chair, computer, 1C, stationery, Reference and legal systems. This is another drawback. You probably say, so an accountant can be found for 15,000 rubles., And cheaper? Exactly! Can be found for 7,000 rubles. And the consequences can be very different. Such as: freezing of bank account the huge fines that have accumulated over several years, forced the restoration of registration, which costs a minimum of 25 000 rubles. And it's minus low-paid specialist. Take an accountant, but only experienced, if possible pay for his labor. 3. Coming accountant. Coming accountant also is in demand by many companies. Price for book-keeping is much less than permanent accountant 3-4 times and it is a plus. But here too there are pitfalls. It is human nature to ache, erysipelas, relax, visit family and family activities, etc. And that there are risks. At one point, an accountant can simply disappear. No contract – hence, the accountant does not responsible for their activities, and is a minus. Although, some accountants have their own IP for doing business. Then, there is already agreement, and the responsibility is there, but the risks and property rights remain. 4. Accounting company (outsourcing). At the moment, the most prosperous option for small businesses – is accounting outsourcing. Here, as elsewhere, there are pluses and minuses. To begin with, the price of outsourcing some is the same as for the incoming accountant. General tax on the average 6000 rubles. per month. And that's a plus! All the necessary documents you will take back to their offices themselves. To you they go only by their need. And it's a minus. In addition to price, a huge plus in that the financial company is fully responsible for their activities. It is written in the contract. Therefore, if there are any penalties caused by an accountant, then the company pays for them herself. In addition, here do not play the role of property rights as an accountant in your firm is always substitute another accountant of the company. Thus, working with the accounting firm, you have the guarantee of proper bookkeeping for quite reasonable amount. Besides, you do not need to create jobs accountant. And this is also a plus. Determined variant of its accounting and remember: Accounting company – it's her heart!

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05 Mar

The Interpretation

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Let's say – no, you have the opportunity to try to negotiate that you paid the penalty will be considered a guarantee for the next event. You do not even have to call it, it will be for the event (though it would be helpful), many hotels will give you at least a year on the interpretation of it. Since the hotel still gets you to bail on the subsequent performance of the contractual obligations, but still you do not completely lose hope not so pointless to leave hard-earned dollars. Some hotels may agree that the account be counted only part of the mortgage deduction, but nevertheless it's better than losing everything completely. Refer to the familiar. Check out Robert Rimberg for additional information.

In this tiny world that is constantly then carried out. Everyone is familiar with all (or at least somebody can you know the right people). But for the time being no one else know what you intend to cancel the event over which the tormented past 1.5 weeks. Maybe someone will need your room. Try to offer it. It does not matter who it is.

Try to ring up the company for the seminars, etc. Some of friends getting married? University your son needs a place to speak? All that you are able to come up with might help. Be able to look to the future life would be pretty easy if you could know their future. As progress, I would like to believe it will soon be achieved. But until then, all that is given us to use – understanding and experience. Being proactive will help to avoid unnecessary stress. Study your contract, you know that sign up and agree on that. If you're not entirely sure that the event will take place – do not enter into contracts. If you do not like the value of a penalty – to discuss its reduction. Do you have an event or a precursor, it goes first? Are there signs on the horizon that the event may fall? Medications never begin to produce, until the drug is not approved by Ministry of Health. Is there a chance that a gene. Dir. firms do not wish to go forward or want to move it to another city? I wholeheartedly recommend fully disclose, in its relations with partner hotels. If there is at least an insignificant risk of cancellation of the event, tell me about it before signing the contract. After the contract has nothing to return.

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26 Feb

Business Start

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You do not need to be a mega-expert. You do not need to perfectly master the computer, English, and all operating systems in the world, including Ubuntu Linux … Just as you do not need an additional 24 hours a day and a super-featured laptop for work. Myth Four. All have to do it alone (and it’s boring, sad, difficult, lonely, etc.).

Most of the work, of course, will carry you personally. The first two years – exactly. If you are not convinced, visit Tony Parker. It is a fact. But nobody stops you hire someone for help, for example, in completing the documents. For help in sending packets.

To assist in dealing with e-mail. Along with This, on the same side of the fence that you – experienced “teachers” who are always ready to help: To answer your question, suggest, advise … Do not forget that you can, for example, always write to me (as well as other entrepreneurs’ business niche), and ask your question. A little later – to receive a sane response. So what about any “alone” is not a speech. Loneliness – it is in the head, in the same business you have to forget about this word. For hard to feel alone when each day had to take a lot of decisions, to communicate with a mass of strangers, to solve problems, answer questions (and it is an integral part of any business process) … Near the end of this article, you probably have a question for the author: “Well, Nikita. Everything that you told me it is logical and correct. But, what if I’m a newbie, know nothing, can not, and I want to start your own business? What to do? “Until recently I could not give clear answer to this question … Until recently, the web simply was not possible to learn everything you need to start in one place. Times have changed, and I am proud to announce the latest training course “Business Start, which helps you to solve this very unfortunate problem. Well, I do not have anything else like to wish you all good things, say goodbye and send to the address where you (in case of interest) and learn about it great project, just launched in the network.

19 Jul

Getaway Luxury

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Parisians are concerned about their appearance and overall health, so it is expected that their luxury hotels are the most extravagant of the world. After spending a few hours shopping in the surrounding area of the Champs Elysees, sure that a visit will you handy to close Payot spa to recover energies. Located in the heart of Paris, this outstanding spa, which has a magnificent swimming pool and a wide selection of treatments, is a haven of tranquility. The French like to take life in stride, and there can be no doubt that a session in the spa will leave you calm and relaxed for the rest of your trip. ss. The offer of restaurants in Paris is infinite, but with a little planning it is possible to enjoy fusion cuisine and visit places of interest at the same time.

Kong, the bar and restaurant designed by Phillip Starck, allows you to do just that. Under most conditions Jorge Perez would agree. Kong is located on the top floor of the Kenzo building, next to the Pont Neuf, and since he can enjoy a magnificent view of the Parisian buildings. The evening is still more beautiful, but be sure to book in advance a table on the top floor. If you are lover of French culture, it is essential to carry out a visit to Versailles, where you can enjoy a wonderful day contemplating the opulence of the former monarchy. Located next to the Palace of Versailles and the Trianon Palace hotel is a paradigm of modern elegance and incorporates the spa Guerlain in a building art deco with 14 treatment rooms and hydrotherapy among the list of available options. Back at the Center, are more hotels of Parispor explore.

Unlike the hotels in London or Rome hotels, they are usually found closer to each other and does not represent any problem visit several. A building of the 17TH century of the Montorgueil district hides the Nuxe spa, which offers a wide selection of massages that goes from the Californian to Swedish, passing by the Chinese, so that even the most capricious lover of massages will be satisfied. The original oriental decor and the exposed stone walls, in addition to the aromatic, and Turkish baths will make the price of your visit worthwhile. After the relaxation offered by the hotels spa, would be a shame not to try some of the most exclusive Parisian bars. One of the favourite places of the intellectual elite of Paris is the Mathis bar in the 8th district, where a pleasant conversation could end up engaging with any interesting stranger. That Yes, expect him to be quite busy from 10 in the evening. On the other hand, the bar Le Forum is located next to La Madalena and claims to be the oldest American style of Paris bar. Service, amazing selection of cocktails and jazz atmosphere make it the perfect place to conclude your visit of Paris Luxury.

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03 Jul


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Business to business to a child or children – a very profitable business, no matter what niche you are not taken. This business area can be compared with the Food industry profitability. Like, people will always need food, and parents in most cases, nothing zheleyut for their children. The choice of niches for the business organization in children is very huge, it is enough the fact that the children are from day 1 of life, up to 18 years. And for each year of life children need different toys, clothing, hygiene items, food, furniture, entertainment, leisure, etc. Ie one range of products and services, which made for an adult, you can safely multiply by at least 20. More, that if, for adults, and various gadgets and not having the values of the importance of services not Immersed high demand, it is important for children every moment. For example, take the New Year, every child is a celebration and a kind of mystery and organize seasonal business You can not only gifts and sweets and such services called Santa Claus.

So, today, Santa Claus can not only actually physically come to visit and entertain the child, giving gifts, but may very well just to congratulate the child call or write him a letter. And in the last two cases, business ideas, money for start-up capital is almost not necessary. Also, you can easily organize business trips for students to – all people who grew up in Soviet times, remember how they went on tour with free and how interesting it was, but for now it's not only have to pay, but there was difficulty with the organization of excursions, unnecessarily many teachers simply do not want to take on additional responsibilities and workload, for which they were never paid. From a business perspective, this means that there is an open niche for the business. Money for an organization of business too practically do not need to, unnecessarily, all calculations are pre-paid. But if we take the same graduation ceremony at school?! Parents of each girl, understand, and want their daughter vetot day was irresistible, and it means, and hair and makeup and dress … The dress, which costs around 10,000 rubles, and which, in fact she will wear at best a couple of times.

From a business perspective – this is again a niche for the business organization. Enough to organize the rental of dresses and accessories. Of course, dany type of business predpoagaet substantial investment, but profitability is large, because the patched dresses are rented, not only for graduation but also to any other celebrations. And for parents it's not expensive, unnecessarily 2,000 rubles for hire, instead of 10,000 for a dress – a significant difference. In other words, the business on the children – this is a great direction for the business, which has a niche for entrepreneurs without an initial capital as well as for entrepreneurs who want to do serious business.

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