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14 Jun

Second World War

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In this If the organization is guided by several consumer groups and adapts concert service the requirements of each group. To use this model, you must have a flexible organizational and creative and productive structure. Also an important condition is the relatively high costs of marketing and creative activities and the need to develop their strategy for each customer group. 2. for development of vaudeville and popular musical art – mass marketing. The organization, in this case offers a service to all customers, not taking into account some differences in their requirements, and serves as a concert stage. Marketing costs and maintenance are minimal.

Segmentation should be carried out for the first strategy. Select the following "variables of segmentation, and in accordance with these target groups consumers are: 1. Age: – children and their parents (accompanying) (14 years) – youth and young people – students and graduates of universities, college students, colleges, schools, grades 10-11 schools, young professionals and workers (under 30) – of adults (60 years) – retired (more than 60 years). 2. social status: – solvent of the population – vulnerable or socially significant groups – pensioners, the disabled, orphans, children left without parental care, veterans of the Second World War; – VIP-clients. 3.

territory: – the population of the city of Samara – people living in the cities of Samara region – the population living in rural areas. 4. organization of consumers: – public (retail consumer) – companies, organizations and institutions (corporate customers). Positioning of theater and concert services is unique creative product constituting the content Theatre and concert facilities – a product of professional classical symphonic and folk music and musical-dramatic art, as well as the quality of the samples and the variety of popular musical art.

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