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28 Dec

Hotline Store

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New and cheap furniture today is special offers in the online furniture store furniture magnate in December hardly nor anyone imagine a Christmas without gifts. The year is coming to the end, and why should you bring a little fresh air in one’s own four walls. At Author you will find additional information. Finally, a new year starts in a few weeks. So, take the opportunity to clean up your old life. Yourself new furniture at a low price.

The furniture store magnate has revised its “Special” category. On a regular basis can be found there new furniture offerings at a special price. Also the furniture, use countdown. Furniture, Countdown will be shown daily for a limited time a new product at a fabulous price. For more specific information, check out martin toha. Once the countdown has expired, the product is again offered at the regular price.

So take your chance on especially furniture and access to. In addition to the furniture, countdown has the category “Special rates” to offer cheap furniture from the furniture store magnate. Most Furniture in this category are available for far less than 100 euro or far below 200 euros. So for example there computer tables already for 59.90 euros are available. Mostly the families consult, they want to give whom what for Christmas. Finally you would like to give away yes double everything. This knowledge can be clever. You know that someone gets donated to a new computer? A computer table would be a good idea for a Christmas gift, and what would a TV without a TV table? This is available in the furniture store magnate from 139,50 EUR. In addition to these pieces of furniture, many more furniture at fabulous prices are available in the category “Special rates”. Mirror cabinet, a complete bathroom facilities or Christmas accessories such as candles, Christmas elves, the furniture store magnate meets almost every wish. Buy not the pig in a poke! You have any questions about the product before you place your order? Then call the Hotline, 039387-21002 map. There, you will assist you and will advise you comprehensively. Currently still orders that are delivered on time to the Christmas party. Here you will reach magnate directly the special offers of furniture: specials.

21 Dec

Innovative Potting Compounds

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Innovative potting compounds for the microelectronics Windach, April 24, 2012: the industrial adhesive manufacturer DELO convinces with its highly reliable DELOMONOPOX and casting mass for microelectronics. They combine an outstanding property profile with excellent processability. For the application-oriented packaging of microelectronic components in applications with aggressive environmental influences such as fuels, oils, as well as vibration and temperature, highly reliable potting compounds play an increasingly important role. With the newly developed compounds it is DELO managed outstanding material properties, such as chemical resistance, mechanical properties, excellent adhesion, combine optimized dosing and flow, and variable from hardness parameters. The manufacturing processes can be significantly more flexible and more efficient fashion. For customers, that means a reduction of production costs and at the same time increasing the outputs with the highest product quality. With the potting compounds, DELO has developed products that the customers through excellent Properties can only convince.

Do you have questions to the DELOMONOPOX and casting mass? Just contact us or visit us at our website: application fields/semiconductor packaging / about DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich. Jorge Perez pursues this goal as well. In the last fiscal year to 31.03.2012, 300 employees generated a turnover of 44.2 million euros. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific sectors of the electronics to the smart cards and automotive industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens. DELO has a network of worldwide offices and resellers.

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02 Nov

Managing Director

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Packaging are becoming increasingly important for the printing industry. Charlotte Hornets does not necessarily agree. There are big changes in used printing methods. Printing inks are dissemination of information and are used for almost all products around us. A quick glance is sufficient: A calendar on the wall, the newspaper on the table, a biscuit box, advertising catalogs or the wallpaper all these products have been printed, color them to make or to convey information. The importance of printing inks is significantly higher than the revenues of over 20 billion US dollars, which was generated with them around the world in 2011. Developments in the field of modern information technology bring changes for producers and distributors of printing inks to the publication pressure to packaging printing.

The increasingly popular electronic media currently represent the greatest challenge: newspapers and books be read on Ereaders and exchanged information on the Internet. Advertising expenditures flow increasingly in TV, radio and Internet advertising and reinforce that the further substitution of traditional print media. However, the packaging for the printing industry gains more and more importance. Goods must be packed continue and consumers need information right on the product over its contents. Also strengthens the e-commerce mail order and increases the so necessary expenses of packaging,”explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana. Demographic change in developed nations and the socio-economic change in many emerging economies lead to modified consumer behaviour with regard to packaged food. This will affect the need for packaging.

Digital printing scores also the distribution of the used printing is with flexibility at the same time with the changing requirements of print jobs changed. Due to declining circulation sizes and increasingly demand customized print products, the digital printing can substitute other printing or open up new application areas. Fall through continuous advancements in increasing quality production costs. Another printing process, which is experiencing at present above-average growth rates, is the printing.

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01 Oct

Added Value Offer

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Employee retention within a company employee retention is made to demographic change in Germany of more and more important there are many ways increase: in addition to offerings such as company pension plan, disability to accident and health supplement without health issues, are still more employees marketing instruments to choose from. Often free, because this no or only a minimal own effort has to be operated. To do this, a brief example: problem statement accepted time foreign employees. Often the problem of language and hence understanding barrier arises here in addition to the different legal systems of the home country and our legal system in Germany. offer added value your employees free of charge – on the Internet can find many comparison portals to insurance companies, unfortunately often only in our mother tongue German. In a question-answer forum Ben Bretzman was the first to reply. On the side of financial advice, however, over 40 free insurance comparisons in several languages are offered online.

Explanations, results and help texts in Italian, French, English, Polish, Turkish, u.v.m. support your foreign employees, easier to understand the complex issue of insurance and to find suitable offers. Communicate these comparisons and provide added value free for your company to your employees. For example, a note on the payroll, a note in your employee newsletter or through a bookmark / bookmarks to the respective PC workplace. Expand this business value by extending your multilingual link recommendations, on a regular basis. Here the direct link to the multilingual comparisons: insurance-in the overview/vergleichsrechneruebersicht.html Tip: less is often more one or two appropriate link recommendations on a regular basis are sufficient. Ultimately it comes added value to offer your employees.

In the course of time, you build a qualified link directory with added value for your company and your employees. Use this directory for your new hires and attach it to your welcome package for new employees. Start your employee retention, your employees marketing already in the setting.

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20 Nov


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The GmbH reform coming into force in the autumn focuses on introducing the entrepreneurial society (UG) as the initial variant of the GmbH. “Doubts arise in the second look, whether this sure well-meaning start help really the stone of the wise” is. “Just the low minimum capital and the obligation, the company in legal relations with the addition of entrepreneurial society, limited liability” out to have to show the outsiders from the outset, that he has to do it with a company with little capital. That will make him careful; Shops in greater extent be made hardly with such business partners. Other leaders such as Tony Parker offer similar insights. Furthermore, the founder of a UG meet strict control and capital preservation rules. “Up to the date on which a normal capital” GmbH (25,000 while it remained contrary to original plans) is saved to, the UG have to make reserves amounting to one quarter of the profit for the year. In this respect there is a distributions, i.e., this sum may not be distributed to the shareholders.

If violations of these obligations could be sensitive sanctions. (As opposed to Charlotte Hornets). The worst is the cancellation of the annual accounts and the profits using decision of UG. Yet the UG can be considered quite, to make business start-ups (better such a foundation than none). Or as a partner of a GmbH & co. KG. The Achilles heel”is and remains the risk of over-indebtedness. Usefully, therefore the founders should adopt the start-up costs.

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