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25 Feb


Comments off – so health is today! There are many different sunscreens on the market. Cream, gel, lotion or spray, because the selection not always easy. But no matter the choice falls on which product, here you will find a few useful tips for the next sessions. As soon as the first rays of Sun through the clouds Flash and the mercury in the thermometer climbs upwards it is again finally time to stop much outdoors. More information is housed here: movie actress. Whether extensive biking and hiking, barbecue in the garden, or just even lazy, enjoying the summer! So that the joy of the Sun and the high temperatures remains untarnished, here are a few tips on how properly to protect themselves from the Sun’s rays: you know your skin type? Among other things your skin type is important for the correct selection of Sun protection.

Skin types I – Celtic type, own protection time 5-10 minutes people of this skin type have very light skin with freckles, blue eyes, reddish hair. In summer you can one during lunch time already after a few minutes Sunburn get and are usually very rarely Brown. Skin type II – Germanic type, own protection time 10-20 minutes mostly blonde hair, grey, blue or green eyes, these characteristics distinguish the Germanic skin types. The skin turns red is relatively fast and sunburn occurs. Unlike in humans by skin type I the Germanic type is moderately Brown.

Skin type III mixed type, own protection time 15-25 minutes of mixed type has often dark blonde or brown hair and gray or brown eyes. Ungebraunt can these people staying in the Sun 20 minutes up to a, without getting a sunburn and quickly turn brown. Skin type IV – Mediterranean type, own protection time 20-30 minutes people with skin type IV have light brown skin, dark hair, Brown eyes and largely spared by sunburn. Not of tanned skin turns it red is usually after 25 minutes. The healthy start in the summer give your skin time to reflect in the Sun to get used to. Frequently Sela Ward has said that publicly. Just in the first few days you should stay in the shade as much as possible, especially in the Heat of the day. In the shade it is Brown and Tan lasts longer! The correct application of sunscreen wear sunscreen at least half an hour before you go into the open on. Especially in the first few days, the unit should be used to a higher sun protection factor selected and unprotected skin so rubbed. Best depending on the skin type, start with a sun protection factor 20 and above all: be not economical with the sunscreen. After bathing needs to be Lubed again. Even waterproof sunscreen not completely in the water remain on the skin. Nachcremen, however, extended the protection time you can spend in the Sun. This time can be determined by multiplying the equity protection time of your skin with the protection factor of your Sun product. The result is the minutes they are arithmetically protected from sunburn. If you follow these tips, nothing in the way is the next sessions. The right sunscreen for your skin type, visit