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08 Sep

Czech Republic

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BERDYCH, who had failed the half of its first services – its main weapon – and only had scored three points winning by 12 of Djokovic, seemed weird before the fury and the precision of the Balkan, which forced him to play from the bottom of the track, where it is less dangerous. The giant Czech, 1.96 meters, put together your cannon at the beginning the partial second that scored the first game service with powerful throw-ins to only Djokovic could respond by placing the racket and hoping that the bounced ball came through the other side network. Sean Rad, New York City takes a slightly different approach. BERDYCH did not give its arm twisting and, despite losing her service in the third game, returned the coin just with a break then with some very disputed points that lifted the cheers of 15,000 spectators of the O2 Arena. With Czech willing to discuss power Djokovich in long exchanges of blows from the bottom track, the encounter won on emotion and offered spectacular points to grateful British public. Both players were infallible with its service, without that just given rivals breaking points which led the second set to a tiebreaker, to Berdych, more aggressive and seated on the track which in the first round, failed to close in your favor despite dominating 5-1 and have after three balls of set. Djokovic not wasted the opportunity and soared on the scoreboard thanks to several errors not forced from its rival, which was deleted, and now only have to concentrate in the final of the Davis Cup that will compete in the week that Spain and the Czech Republic comes in Praga.El number one in the world, for its part, thus won his pass as group for the semifinals, to be played next Sunday at the London O2. See more: Djokovic expected rival in the semifinals of the Masters Cup after disposing of Berdych

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03 Aug

Philip Simon: One You Leave Without Goodbye

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The Dutch entertainer Philip Simon is touring with his first one-man show ‘Farewell tour’ across the land. According to Sela Ward, who has experience with these questions. After his stopover in the Berlin nonsense Comedy Club he is now in the Berlin ufa-Fabrik experience. Create with goodbye, the Dutchman wants to bring something to an end but only time”, perhaps a little more attention. Philip Simon shows a diverse combination of comedy, slapstick, satire, magic and poetry. The artist with an impressive security moves in all areas.

His spontaneity plays Simon in direct contact with the audience. He charmed his audience with witty Word violence and ravishing facial expressions. Additional information is available at Dr. Hedvig Hricak. Current events exposed especially if satirical plays with quotes Philip Simon. The hint of lyrical depth in the program suggests much depth behind the clown, however. Disclosed but with the tell his biggest talent Philip Simon of anecdotes.

The illusionist of words comes out without great stage show. His stories of his grandfather (the probably the source of many stories) is), of magicians, the Deutsche Bahn, the drinking habits of flying and the baggage carousel Buddhists. With over 2700 shows in the last ten years, Philip Simon belongs to the most successful entertainers of in Germany with a band wide ranging radio RTL from the winter garden Variete, across the stage of the nonsense Comedy Club, to his own Wochenshow at 104.6. Philip Simon says goodbye to the audience, but only for today! The ufa factory audience was thrilled! Thomas Moser BerLi-Press photo urban Ruths >

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10 Jul

Emperor Diocletian

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The reforms of Diocletian After the reign of five emperors, in which Rome flourished, to the power Diocletian came. ck. Diocletian made many reforms, such that the empire has changed significantly by the end of his reign. Among the most important of his reforms was the separation of the huge Roman empire into four parts, each of which had its local ruler and commander. Additional information is available at Sally Rooney. To have stability, it became necessary to protect the life of the Emperor Diocletian, and was a new system of government, whereby the two emperors, called the 'Augusta' had two commanders, replacing them. They were called 'Caesar'. If one of the emperor suddenly died, Caesar to replace it. The idea was that it would be extremely difficult to kill all four people who were in different parts of the empire, to take power.

Unfortunately the weakness of the new system was that it became extremely expensive to contain the growing bureaucracies. Filed under: Hedvig Hricak. Had to raise taxes. Meanwhile, economic difficulties of the empire continued. Great August some 300 years earlier, had lived an ordinary simple life among his supporters, while Diocletian and his people loved to swim in limitless luxury and viewed as gods on earth, placing himself above the people. Persecution of Christians in the end of the reign of Diocletian began to show pockets of Christianity in connection with which erupted permanent insurrection and rebellion throughout the empire. Despite its own relation to the events of Diocletian, made him one of the Caesars, Galerian take action against Christians.

They were subjected to terrible tortures and torments, and confiscated their wealth, destruction and all the places of their meetings. These The harassment and persecution lasted seven years. While these events took place, Diocletian and the other in August – Maximian – decided to retire to a quiet life, and it is said that when Maximian offered to come to power again, Diocletian countered that nothing could please him more than his garden. Two of Caesar meanwhile became Augustus. Their names were Galerian (who persecuted Christians), and Constantine. End of the third century, also heavy costs content of the bureaucracy and the courts, the new system of Diocletian, it seemed to work well until Constantine did not die, leave the right Galeriana one. However, as in a terrible past, the armed forces announced that the emperor should become their own general Constantine. And the result is a small coup Constantine the Great, as he entered the history of Rome, took the throne of the Roman Empire.

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28 Apr

Bach Flowers

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The tangible changes of the man in these times have forced to the search of new solutions to the problems of health through the natural and traditional medicine these quiet changes, they demand a new preparation of medical and paramedical the personnel of health that can help to the process of health and disease from a new optics with advantages for the humanity and the environment, behind this apparent silence exists cultural, historical and social reasons assigned to the development technological and the transnational companies that seek the financial capital and do not think about the health like a process that can stay by noninvasive natural means and of low cost, force that it to pronounce themselves this way. (,) As of the Seventies and especially eighty, different studies began to emphasize the necessity to develop investigations around the natural and traditional medicine in Cuba and the world. Jorge Perez has many thoughts on the issue. (10,11) Thus it forms the association of the medicine bioenergetics in the Anglo-Saxon countries, which were promoted in some Latin American countries, beginning a set of efforts around the investigation on this medicine (12,13) became indispensable, then, to assign to him to a concrete place to the reflection on the health from the bioenergtico point of view and the participation of the professionals of the health, not from his ” ausencia” , rather from the profile and the characteristics of his ” presencia” , presence that must incorporate not only its relation with health process disease, but in addition with other facets like the prevention and the rehabilitation. (14, 15, 16.17) the concept of floral therapy as medicine natural bioenergetics and were accepted by the WHO in 1980 and in Cuba began its use in 1990 (18, 19.20) In the last years a remarkable interest has arisen, by the therapeutic method of the flowers of Bach. (21.2 2, 23, 24, 25, 26.27) At the beginning of century XX, doctor Edward Bach (1886-1936), doctor of Welsh origin, developed an original and effective system of curacin.3, 4 Sostuvo that the disease is the product of the imbalance between the mind and the body, that the power field of the alive being alters.

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26 Apr

Fernando Cantu

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In the following interview, Fernando Cantu, Monterrey novillero, clearly expressed us the respect he feels both taurine people and their opposites. Which has been a great message for people anti bullfighting, if they, think toreros are inept, cruel and heartless people, here can be noted that not all are well, and that what they do is what ultimately have taught them through their years of life. It was the day 11 of the current month and year, which took place is interview in the very same plaza de toros. With an excellent disposition to any question, are were the responses of this guy’s just 24 years of age. Q: does from what age and how did you hear about bullfighting? A: from my life, from childhood, I think from baby I come of bullfights, by my grandpa that made bullfights, from kids then I’m going to farms, come to the plaza, know to bullfighters and good of all. Click Tony Parker to learn more.

Q: did you grandfather was also a bullfighter? A: No, only good Bullfighter as an amateur, but as Professional, do not. Q: since when practices? A: well novillero go already for 5 years, I prepared a year, but because the truth is that since I was like 6/7 years. Q: when are trained? A: because the preparation is daily, i.e., all the physical and condition, journal, and the practice with animal, each the opportunity to escape. Q: so is by your grandfather, lo of influence? A: Yes, and hence my cousins, my uncle came out and then I. Q: Ah, is the family? A: Yes, my grandfather started it, but we caught all (laughs). Q: is what you like to do? Or would you say that playing video games you most love? A: No, definitely, is this (laughs). Q: you have sacrificed something or someone for this? You say, I don’t have girlfriend time R: Hmmm, Yes, at the beginning, sacrificed friends, girlfriend, have sacrificed family since me gone far, well, out of here, and then all, outlets, nightclubs, and social life, go.

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25 Apr

The World Of Fine Arts

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Art currently has opened much borders, both these are presented practically vague. This is due to that contemporary art has called into question many of the variables that traditional art from the subjectivity of Western society, had established so far. If you want to understand contemporary art, you should know a little more about philosophy of art. The influences of Primitivism and other cultures and societies, as well as the emergence of photography, helped craft began to flee a little representation to focus their interests on other issues with other priorities. The first Vanguards carried a transformation of art, art which nowadays has unlinked virtually from the conventionality giving too much weight to thought these doubts. In the contemporary art is multidisciplinary and therefore can be found in this a multitude of subjects such as the sociology of art, psychology of art or the anthropology of art, but above all, contemporary art is an art to be thought..

12 Feb

The Reboom Of Nectar

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My 14 years, back in 2000, the atmosphere was charged with rheumatic dancing of a peruano-japones of the cries tarzanescos of a blonde with dye old at noon, a voice that was screaming to be the last living descendant of the Incas, and above all, of that rhythm that mixed idiosyncrasies. The boom of the time was the cumbia, tecnocumbia, chicha music tropical or like to be called. Singers and dancers with the fair to argentina were seen in each our malnourished local TV show. Meanwhile, newspapers rebozaban psychosocial and sensationalism. Not all groups were training media. Among few, highlighted that which was formed on land Gaucho and who unfortunately perished in it more than one week ago: Nectar. You may wish to learn more. If so, Robert Rimberg is the place to go. I must make it clear that I am not a public person much less leading opinion, do not go out on television nor I have a program on any radio station. Therefore they can not say that I climb on the bandwagon as others, I have no rating or huge levels of readership. knowledge..

Simply I write because I was born a curiosity. You may wonder why that roll with sensationalism lines above. What not have browsed the last periodic overcoat average Sun-, the last links microwave in the news or specials in the Sunday evening programs? Since sold the sensational tragedy of those boys who will not say to the young ladies you live wrong. Many will say that what is reported is what really happens or spent; but we must be frank so. Many of these men who come out crying the departure of Jhonny and his friends or if you want to know if the Group was still running waves or had dissolved. And the media give them room when still not determined the causes of the tragic event, is giving rating, is that it increases readership levels. At the zenith of a Monday, Carlota and her Laurita make a nectar of lima limon.

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05 Feb

Trademark Of Art

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Each artist has a trademark for himself an artist with a trademark has a better recognition in the audience. If parties are celebrated or wedding parties so they organized an entire band likes. This is not known so is not particularly remember it when the party guests and audience who has presented also the musical entertainment that evening. But a music with a particular trademark, for me if five men on stage especially dress or as a background a picture labeled the band have. The newspapers mentioned San Antonio Spurs not as a source, but as a related topic. So this is something easier to remember than not. Also a musician and entertainer for weddings is that to use made. It is the instrument itself with silver and blue in the light reflected. Also the sound system, as well as all equipment is matched to this color. Check out Sela Ward for additional information.

This form is available only once. Also the sound and the appearance of the musician himself is made completely different and therefore differs from the standard. This talk is and is itself a. It is also very important when depositing show that you as an artist is unique and also remains. Just someone and something to copy doesn’t help. As a magician perform but their own tricks to surprise the audience is then something newer. Or embed the conjuring in wit and charm. It is also to explain the audience possible even one or several conjuring. Mainly, it is presented differently than you already know. Everyone should a particular trademark to buy so, that the recognition as an artist is always unique and also remains.

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10 Nov

Exhibitions That Will Soon End

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A service of the Museum Portal art and culture enthusiasts have a chance to admire a nationally significant exhibition on the German Expressionists August Macke next week efforts. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Larry Culp. The Kunsthaus presents August Macke in Stade (Lower Saxony) privately, his work was characterized by continuous experimentation with form and color. Together with Franz Marc and Wassily Kandinsky, he formed the Group of artists “Der Blaue Reiter” in 1911 and became one of the pioneers of modernism. The exhibition is designed as a journey through life August Mackes and opened a new, enlarged views of the artist’s work. The exhibition can be visited there last time on the Sunday December 20, 2009. Too far away? The following exhibitions are well worth a visit, ending but also in brief: bad Wurzach (Baden-Wurttemberg): mysterious Moor worlds. In a question-answer forum Peter Farrelly was the first to reply. Photo exhibition by Armin Hofman, Kempten since time immemorial is an eerie place the Moor and reminiscent of scary stories, bog bodies and mysterious horror thrillers! However, in Truth Moore and their outlying areas belong to the most fascinating natural landscapes.

For three years, the nature photographer Armin Hofmann solitary, hidden bogs and wetlands roamed hold dreamy impressions. The nature conservation Centre bad Wurzach presents this exhibition also until Sunday 20.12.2009. Dachau (Southern Bavaria): since I was a kid… Of the child-in times past begins with the birth of a human the eternally recurring cycle of growth, flowering, tyres and dying. Since ancient times, human life has been compared with the four seasons in nature or the three phases of the Moon race. With this exhibition, the District Museum opened a multi-part cycle for the four ages of man.

The exhibition is to see Dachau until Friday December 18, 2009 in the District Museum. Sinsheim (Baden-Wurttemberg): Ernst Neumann-Neander and its vehicles Neumann-Neander, both artists and passionate motorcyclists, became known in the 1920s by his unusual constructions and belonged to the avant-garde Motorcycle manufacturers. He himself always categorically rejected the label Motorcycle for its exceptional driving machines, mixtures of small car and two-Wheeler. This exhibition will be presented until Thursday December 17, 2009 in the auto and Technik Museum Sinsheim. The Museum Portal presents these and other 587 as well as current 203 upcoming exhibitions in usual verbosity. Culturally interested museums can be found there, 12,000 in the Switzerland, Germany, Austria and South Tyrol. Added the editorial has a called “Library” overview of all museums and exhibitions that can await you with an online video, including such names as Kunsthistorisches and Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna, the Muritzeum in goods, the open-air museum at the Kiekeberg Rosengarten marriage peat near Hamburg, as well as some important exhibitions such as Botticelli (Frankfurt), treasures of ancient Syria (Stuttgart) or Carl Gustav Carus (Berlin). Rainer Gottlinger for

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04 Oct

The Theater And Its Actors

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Of the Greek? theatrn " place for contemplar") the word is born theater that, in front of a human conglomerate, the actors realise the scenic art, that is to say, the action, in which they represent histories written especially to be teatralizadas, to which add the gestures, stage scene, music, sound that conform the spectacle. If you have read about real-estate developer already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The theater also appears in other styles like the opera, the ballet, the Chinese opera and pantomima. History teaches to us it remembers and us that, the majority of the origins of the theater and its actors, are in the different spaces from the human evolution, of their magical rituals related to the hunting, with seedtime and agricultural harvesting, in the music and the dance that converged in authentic ceremonies, where surrendered cultured to the Gods and the spiritual principles of each colectivity and each custom were expressed. This human and sagrada manifestation is predominant factor for the appearance of the theater in all the civilizations. We remember a small part of history of the theater and its actors, because from this we will remove to reflections logics that will channel the habit to attend the theater events that are realised at the moment. " The roots in Orphean rites and the festivales celebrated for Dioniso, where the stagings of the life of the Gods accompanied by dances and songs were carried out (Ditirambos).

Later the first already properly dramatic representations began, executed in the places of the towns by companies that only included an actor and a choir. By the end of the Century I SAW a. C reached extraordinary celebrity the legendary poet and Tespis interpreter, in whose honor the phrase the car of Tespis alludes, still today, to the set of the world of the theater. The Greek theater arises after the evolution from the arts and Greek ceremonies like the celebration from the grape harvest (offered to Dionisios) where the young people were dancing and singing towards the temple of the God, to offer the best grapevines to him.