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02 May

Marble And Granite – Reliable Luxury

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Today, products made of natural stones, such as modern marble and granite are a real luxury, affordable luxury, and finish of these raw materials is a symbol of good taste and a guarantee of quality and durability. Although Stone is one of the strongest and most durable materials, it requires high-quality and thorough care. Click George Laughlin to learn more. Granite and marble – the raw material from which it was create one set of architectural masterpieces that hit us on the has for many centuries, such as: Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, which is recognized as one of the seven wonders of the world. Surely you've noticed, for example, when you come to the museum, as is sometimes breathtaking from the king around atmosphere, as all around clearly thought out what luxury antique trophies stand around. For example in the galleries you can witness the magnificent granite and marble masterpieces a century ago, countertops, fireplaces, they are so gorgeous survived until our times, and the most remarkable is that nothing prevents us to order exactly the same products made of marble and granite, or similar, or enhanced copies, as granite and marble, our full disposal, and to this day.

Granite and marble surfaces should be regularly wiped thoroughly with water and a small amount of detergent that does not contain any acid, it is desirable to use special hardeners, polish, wax. Proper use of marble and granite, and this stuff will last you a century. There are many different kinds of natural granite, but these days also developed methods for artificial granite, which is not inferior to their natural qualities, and in some cases – superior to him. Gina Bonati does not necessarily agree. Natural marble – a kind of izvestnyaka.On can be as soft and can absorb moisture and solid and almost never leak. In color marbles are divided into gray, white and colored.

Metamorfozno light plays on the surface of this unique stone, reflecting his playful mood. Each plate 'decorated with' its own unique pattern, looked more in which everyone sees its own special pattern. The correct choice of marble, competent installation, accurate selection of range of raw materials, as well as proper care of this wonderful stone, and the timely elimination of small defects, and your shiny marble adequately serve you age. Granite – a noble stone which is popular used in finishing the inside of the premises and outside, that is a facade. Granite is also very "decorative" Firstly there are many ways of processing the surface: the surface of granite can be polished, burnished, polished, sawn, buchardirovannoy and subjected to fire treatment – usually depending on their color and grits, choice of surface depends on the purpose of the stone. Granite has low water absorption and high resistance to frost and contamination. Granite is a stone can withstand heavy loads, so it is often used to make massive tables and columns. Trimmed with granite and marble building – this is a real fortress, which looks decent and inside and outside, which would be indicative of good taste its owner. Granite and marble products, marble and granite – the raw material for fine solid foundation, create your own, unique strength, whether it's home, with unique accessories that are sure to become your family relic, or the same office, which will always look clean and luxurious.

05 Jan

Black Square

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Although best known today for the square is black. It's "Black Square" by Malevich, who hid under the black paint all the colors of your emotions and the full palette of color sense. The law of transposition, bred in 1920 by one of the founders of Gestalt psychology, Kurt Koffka, read: people's perceptions of themselves are not colored, but their relationship. Interestingly, if the person primarily responds to the color of objects, it is considered a sign of impulsivity, emotional instability. A focus on form shows a tendency to think logically and Control own feelings. Therefore, in accordance with their own temperaments and preferences, we usually choose the furniture for the home. And the fact that one may seem too bright or defiant, the other is perfect for relaxing pastime. The same probably applies to the kitchen – the space where we will arrive after a long day at work and where we hope to find harmony with gratitude for their efforts.

In general, how much colors, so many opinions about them. Interestingly, in our language, dozens of names of colors and shades, and the Japanese – there are about six hundred. Emotional people – these Japanese, especially because they live closest to the rising sun. Alchemist and ARTISTS As we know, there are three main colors of the spectrum: red, green and blue. And all the other colors are derived from their mixing. There are also additional features, the intensity of color and tone. There are also lighter shades, when at one point or another color added to white, dark or black.

25 Jul

Reservoir Garden

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The laying of a large garden you can provide on its territory a pond for swimming and boating in summer. By the way, the pond area of 40-50 square meters. pm can be arranged even in a small garden. And for the pond, an employee in addition to the sauna, it is necessary and does a tiny plot. Construction of the reservoir will cost you a cheap, especially if you work you will perform on their own.

But how much fun will get after its creation: natural water (not water from the water, which is usually filled with purchased pools), beautifully blooming water plants, flitting around the butterfly and a dragonfly, a blue sky overhead. Will be pleased to even just sit by the pond in his leisure hours. The bottom of the pond bathing, you can quickly and reliably isolate the film. Even with modest experience in organizing work, relevant mechanisms, which can be hired and trusted aides such a large pond for swimming is not hard build and without the involvement of outside specialists. Using a bulldozer, one day you can dig a trench 2 m deep, move and align the excavated soil to form a relief on the surrounding area. Jorge Perez addresses the importance of the matter here. Preferably, however, use the services of a designer in the garden. The specialist will help make the planning, measurement and monitoring of construction works. The difference between a pond for swimming and garden ponds that first must be free from plants. Here, at least the same area is given by sewage treatment area, where specially selected plants, such as iris or yellow arrowhead pull out of the water pollution and nutrients that held up a causeway that separates these zones.