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04 Jun

Fuel Cartridges Revelations

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A start is not much of a distance. Previously, when he was quite young and was a regular user of the pc as all the standard was set: the system unit, monitor, keyboard, scanner and printer. Always believed that the recovery and refilling Cartridges are not rewarding it. Since this is a bad effect on the status and operation of the printer, since all the manufacturers recommend the use of genuine consumables, that in time may lead to breakage and repair of the printer. So always buy only genuine consumables. But then rose, tried all sorts of different professions, in general, which just does not work.

Now I work in the service, where by: printer repair, restoration and filling of cartridges, etc. work. And only now realized how much it cost (for example: a new toner cartridge Q2612A is worth 1,900 p. And refilling of the cartridge 350 r. – Saving 5-fold). And principle on the performance of the printer does not like does not affect the main qualitative refill cartridges. And not long at all paid attention to the hp cartridge and saw the following inscription (in translation): "This new product may contain parts and materials recovered under the program 'HP Planet Partners''.

Recovery takes all the printer manufacturers. It is beneficial economically, it is beneficial environmentally. When restoring a cartridge completely disassembled, its defect items and replace if necessary: photoreceptor roller, squeegee, charging shaft, but this subtlety, so we omit this point. As a result, you get the same print quality and the same opportunities Refill, but 40-50% cheaper. Therefore, all your friends recommend restoring cartridges and no problems!

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