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31 Aug

Sung Poetry

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The Scholar and I! 09.03.08 Some scholar sees speaking that sentry travels in the sphere of the seventh constellation that all we are welded believing or not, the battle already never started but I finish, what I am? But a scholar I speak! the disdain for the death. Sneca idealized four years a.C all this way I is identified I question myself I do not want to be owner, nor knowing, plus one day everything this I vo I know: I can counts on you? The constellations indicate the Southern Cross, It is austral my vital energy demonstrates a signal where the good enters and the evil we are normal, our choice marks in the leaf of thoughts and choices certezas and uncertainties. Lynn Redgrave recognizes the significance of this. Already to the old sentry, it to me discloses I and nor knows what she thinks but welded not Will be, I I will live to the necessary one I do not want to have adversary, I do not want I lay pra exactly me. I have my right, Talentos I will propagandearei my event I want to be as the wind, It has led exempts I am not of the war discloses to my side fera I do not want sample but to this life it is. Weverton Notrevew

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