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04 May


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It is what it is called architecture of the mark. The starting point is to understand the potential of each mark inside of the portflio of the company and to establish a mark hierarchy. This means to create sub-marks of a main mark will only have clear strategical papers. To maximize the market covering, minimizing the overlapping for other marks. An example is BMW (main mark) with its sub-marks that a line of inferior series follows that are enumerated to detach the main model.

d) Program of marketing total integrated. The communication starts in the mouth in mouth, passes for the sponsorship, degustation, action in PDV and reaches the media printed, electronics, exterior, among others. e) Culture of relations of the mark. The goal is to extend perception of the mark stops beyond the product. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Pop star by clicking through. To construct to an identity and meaning of mark capable to establish a dualidade enters the performance of the product and the image of the mark.

To produce rational and emotional positive answers. f) Strategies of price guided by prizes. In place of only reducing prices, maximizing the value for the customer, participating of extensive promotions in the retail, financing advertising campaigns in partnership with resales, establishing a direct communication with the customer. Hear other arguments on the topic with Celina Dubin. g) Excellent innovations in marketing. To introduce new products, communications and other creative and cativantes activities of marketing. It has an icon in prominence in the category, Apple. The innovation in its products always was present, since Macintosh until iPod. Much beyond design, the company has disponibilizado complementary products (earphones, differentiated, adapting handles for car) and a primoroso attendance to the customer. h) Adequate administration of strategies of mark development. Alavancar in way uninterrupted the value of the mark in new products and markets. Starbucks, for example: the development of the product is present in offers of new flavors, aromas and packings of coffee, beyond complementary products, as the credit card in partnership with Visa.

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