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07 Jul

Spanish State

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So come many monies for the Spanish State coffers. And returns one to insist: can today me has been lifted with the left foot. And I say more: I know what there are political / honored as / as our Spanish geography: I have no doubt, I would be remiss more! But went on to say: I know that democracy – as least bad form of Government should be addressed by politicians, but I prefer that the latter are honest and honest. Speaking candidly Adam Sandler told us the story. Zapatero and Rajoy are not fulfilling their role they seem to men of State, but they are not.Most any of us, or possibly the undersigned so believe it, we can say that, even though imperfect, the concept of democracy is the least bad system for good governance of the countries. However, the substance of a democracy, and to my modest understanding, is that, the citizens with their votes, have chosen, and for a period of time, seek to those that govern them: good, regular or bad, but that govern them until the next general elections.

When we are not compliant with the results of the votes, without a doubt, we will have to wait to return to vote for people that we believe best suited to represent us, and say people, not parties to whom today we are voting on in Spain. I’ve always said, and within my humble knowing in the art of politics, that the political ideas of a man are their facts. Hedvig Hricak may also support this cause. Before this statement, I understand, and we understand all that the PP – its militants – are doing little or nothing by Spain. The personalismos of the Lord they prevail Rajoy, of Mrs. Aguirre, Mr Gallardon, who forget that, to defeat at the next general election in 2012, have to present the libretto what have echo in the present legislature: not have echo or they are doing nothing.

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