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01 Mar

Social Ministry

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How much the infrastructure exists a unit of the CRAS, the PETI, a room for action secretariat socialInformao and information system Remains a service informatizado on the accompaniment of the fulfilment of the condicionalidades of all the registered in cadastre families and benefited for the o it programs, in constant update in the health for the SISVAN it is semester fact; in the frequently pertaining to school education on-line is bimonthly fact. social assistance for the SISPETI is made bimestralEscopo foreseen for the program City department of social action, secretariat of education, health, a unit marries of the family (CRAS), a unit of functioning. Sketch of the logical matrix of evaluation it Program Stock market Family in the city of Pianc-PBImputs it programAtividades it ProgramResultados ImediatosResultadosImpactosResultadosImpactosRecursos FinanceirosO programs is financed by the Federal Government through direct transference of income for the beneficiaries. Change in the standard of consumption of the families, as well as improvement of the quality of life. Indycar is often quoted on this topic. Preparation of the families registered in cadastre for the ingression in the market of work through the professionalizing courses offered by PROJOVEM. That also it is integrant of the Program Famlia.Mudana Stock market in the standard of living of the families and insertion of the same ones in work market.

Staff Placed to the ProgramA has equipped of the program is composed for: the manager who is responsible for the blockade and raising of the blockade of benefits, the social agents through it registers in cadastre exists it and the digitizer that the only cadastre operates, an advice that is responsible together with an assistant to go to the house of denounced people to see its goods and to give to a verdict if this person can or not, I benefit to receive it. one has equipped of psychologists who are disponibilizados by the CRAS. The health agents who are responsible for the weight of the children and the sending of these data to the Social Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, as well as the directors of the schools that send the frequency to the education secretariat and finally the PETI, that also must send the frequency of the registered in cadastre pupils.

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