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21 Oct

Social Media Facebook

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People will search for your brand on Facebook, not a funny name, nor a person. Click Julie Bowen to learn more. -The optimization of the profile now that you got it, you can start with the optimization of the profile. Image: your brand do you remember? 200 x 600 as maximum, although it might also serve you 180 x 540 pixels. Robert Rimberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Starts to fill in all the profile info with aspects associated with your brand. Creates a campaign for the people you can find, and tell your story, they want you to be brilliant, they want to learn from you.

Depending on your brand (Business, singer, product) profile gives your community exactly what they need to know it, complete each parameter to the maximum extent possible, all is little! -Value-added loud and clear: you aren’t on Facebook to be! Did you know it? OK, luckily Dale to your community a reason only one, do not need more so they can tell the world that it is what they like it. The big question about the ROI on Facebook round our heads too often. How can we know if there is ROI in Facebook? the best way is to offer exclusive offers to our fans. You can do this in many ways because you know with Social Media, there is always another way only offering Facebook Fans – Hey! not cross promotions with other social platforms not post it anywhere else, blogs, website, or email. It is a good way to measure the effectiveness of your actions on Facebook. The other way, would share the same media action through your social ecosystem and see if it is expanded to other communities, which would demonstrate that your Marketing is viral. There are applications to do that buy something, get something do simple? well to you expect? Let us not delude ourselves, people interact with us online because they want offers, want to give them things again to you expect? -Share with your community offers useful information and interesting for them, not for you get them answers, interact with them, communication: we ship, we have received offers what they want to receive how? salt there outside, downstairs to the street and get to know them, they are just waiting for you! Important: gives them total control of your wall that can publish and is displayed on the main page, not all brands do have much more interaction between your community and you, better statistics you will have and better EdgeRank get the algorithm that facebook uses to give more visibility to your page.

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