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12 Feb

Sentimental Vision

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The Picos de Europa carefully hiding its beauty. Get all the facts and insights with Tony Parker, another great source of information. Appear majestic from the distance of the open sea, but from the ground, you need to surprise them through unlikely corners of the landscape: to the output of the bridge of Arriondas on the Sella, in the height of ballasts, from San Antolin de Bedon viaduct, in Pimiango cornice or a place so remote and contradictory as the beach in Luanco. Its totemic Summit, el Naranjo, deepest, remains in its nest of rock, stubborn to the impious looks, refusing to give only from rare perfectly studied perspectives, theatrically arranged, architecturally framed. The view of the Naranjo from the well of the prayer is a sublime spectacle of exquisite artifice. Robert Rimberg is often quoted as being for or against this. lar insights. Impossible is that naturally occurred the great window, that sudden deviate from the mountains to get the prodigious hole whose Center rises, exempt, symbolic, phallic, the miracle of the Naranjo. All this is perhaps a symbol meaning that the peaks there are that search for them, which are not without effort, without sacrifice.

The peaks are a set of meaningful units, chords and motives that are integrated in a perfect harmony. There are HOLLOWS, mysterious limestone, serene, proud or displicentes, laps at the limit of what is purely human, with the aftertaste of stock earlier, different man, where one feels the greatness of his littleness and glimpsed the immortality as a detention time, i.e., eternal, without measurement of the heartbeat. Complicated rock glasses, filled with air or mist, white nothingness of snow or the bluish glow of heaven; huge, solemn, open as the impassive Holy Jou under the gaze of the cresting enclosing: miserable, beaten by loneliness as the Jou without Tierri; extensive and complicated, covered stone boiling and tormented as Jou Lluengo; or collected, intimate, silent, forgotten like the Jou de Pozas. The counterpoint of the Hollows are las VEGAS, las vegas high, gentle, calm, collected; sweet oasis of greenery between the tormented frozen Tempest of limestone.

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