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15 Sep

Santa Cruz Island

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New travel trend: when the Glamping you can enjoy luxury and nature at the same time. A leading source for info: Tony Parker. Experience the untouched nature, sleeping under a starry sky, romantic sit around the campfire and for many it’s a dreamlike experience close to nature, as well as at the southern sky tours most travel to listen to the sounds of the wilderness. Camping is a form of travel which of course best makes this possible. But unfortunately, it has also some unpleasant sides, because during camp, one is then really immersed in nature, i.e., no running water, no electricity and one sleeps in the tight sleeping on the hard mattress and has probably still a snoring neighbors in the tent next door. However, for all that so far of the disadvantages of the campsite were deterred, itself but rather in the hotel bed cuddled and himself were content just to the nature on day trips to admire, there is now the solution: the Glamping! Glamping is a new travel trend in the United States. The word is composed of glamorous”and camping”, which suggests that it is This is a kind of luxury camping. And it really is.

In a damp tent, sleeping bag and mat are forgotten, because falls upon entering the Glamping tents overlooking the cozy King-sized bed. The tents can keep up with a 5-star hotel rooms. You have even a private bath area with shower or free-standing bath, so that is avoided even going to the usual Community sanitary facilities next to the inviting bed, a solid floor and air conditioning. Usually must not even on satellite TV and the Internet are without. Taking the all inclusive board meals in dining tents, where you will find an extensive selection, and you can relax in the Spa tents. Some systems offer even room service. The glamorous camping has spread worldwide and finds more and more enthusiasts. There are already three plants in Chile, where the 10 lovely furnishings round tents of the adventure camp even located in the Atacama desert lie.

National Park features the EcoCamp in the heart of the Torres del Paine also with an incredible landscape. 22 fascinating geodesic dome tents that buy electricity from renewable energy sources available. You can find also in the Torres del Paine NP still Patagonia camp, which is located directly on the Lago del Toro with his 18 tents and offers views of the Massif. Another plant is planned in the Andean Valley of cajon de Maipo, the Central tent is already. Also in Panama can you glampen”. There the small Palmar tent lodge in the province of Bocas del Toro is situated directly on the beautiful sandy beach. Reserve one should however at an early stage, because there are only 4 Glamping tents available. And you can now even the Galapagos Islands as Glamper”discover, because the Galapagos Safari camp offers on the Santa Cruz Island with 9 luxurious tents, a central lodge and everything the heart desires what even a pool. Even the one or other well known personality has discovered the unique experience of “Luxury and nature” itself, and if you even want to experience nature, then browse it through the many travel offers from southern-sky-tours (www.southern-sky-tours.de) or requesting their individual Glamping trip offer in Latin America under.

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