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15 Feb

Rosa Alba

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If what generates the co-author, I do not like it 'light' me very hard. In the case of the "Temple" – the difficulty was not 🙂 Q: And yet, after almost 5 years, you left the theater. Do not feel sorry for was the brainchild? A: No, sorry. 'Temple' for me represented the kind of era that ended. Yes, it was a great time, great people and great business, but it was completed, and sorry about that era has passed – it's like shedding tears of a golden age.

I live in this day and do well only what I was really 'lights'. Q: And what is now a theater – passed stage? A: It's like asking a woman after the divorce if she finds men past stage:) I do not participate more in the activities of 'Temple', but that does not means that I have ceased to attract the theater itself. I'd love to try his hand at playwriting and write a normal full play. Q: Now your main work – is a musical group "Rosa Alba". Hence, Incidentally, such a name? A: Rosa Alba" – this title has several meanings. This is a white rose (Rosa alba) – are climbing roses that are known in ancient Rome, but with the Alba – it 'Morning Song' (a special genre of medieval courtly lyrics). When we searched for a name for the group, I dreamed the name 'Name of the Rose' (this is the second book by Umberto Eco), and I decided that we should follow signs and give the name of the rose:) Q: When can we expect new and already your joint, drive? A: Difficult question, because the record is being creative and not subject to prediction.

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