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11 Jun

Rental Cottages Near Moscow

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In recent vacation in the vicinity of Moscow is becoming more and more popular. This is because the cozy suburbs and green areas located at some distance from the bustle of the city, calm and quiet, go to the new level of development. Excellent infrastructure and a large selection of houses and cottages makes it possible to rent a house or cottage in a variety of sizes and most flexible price range In the Moscow region has it all – from the smallest Cottages for 3-4 people to giganstkih cottage complex with swimming pool and a spacious attic. Until recently, Moscow was considered 'elite' holiday destination: the political elite here rested and quite wealthy people from around the country. Today – Moscow is very versatile and convenient area. Related Group is open to suggestions. Work organization, service providers lease houses, changed for the better: cottages and villas are more affordable, their choice has increased to the limit. Now you can safely and without spending all his savings, to remove a small cozy cottage (or 'hacienda' – a term that came to us from the Soviet era) for a nice time with family and children. The younger generation in these beautiful surroundings special attention – a lot of wonderful children's playgrounds and various training and gaming systems make rest of our kids easy enjoyable and fun.

The quality and variety of services is always pleasing to the eye the client. In Moscow the same set of them: here you can find large swimming pools, entertainment complexes, food markets, bowling and billiard clubs. Tony Parker contributes greatly to this topic. If you wake up inside a military principle, that can compete with friends in the strike, and paintball. Love sports – at your service mass '' with excellent facilities, 'green' football fields with high-quality grass coating and the 'hard' streetball playground Do not forget to Moscow and the motorist – karting track is one of the best in the outskirts of Moscow. In various towns, suburbs there are many municipal museums and exhibition halls, which presents an authentic and contemporary art district.

Here you will find an excellent exhibition of folk embroidery (pgt.Sergievo). Major attractions near Moscow – aristocrats' mansions. They can find a huge number. These beautiful each year, attract to itself all the new tourists and connoisseurs of old Moscow. Sites recommended by rn (Borodino estate and the estate Gudkov), Kolomna district (Manor Liphart) Odintsovskiy (manor of society 'Salamander') and others. A lot of ancient monasteries and churches interested in anyone who enjoys history. Rent a cottage or villa for rent can take a day, and on a long time. Interesting recreation and leisure in one of the most unique and beautiful places of Russia!

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