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03 May

President Khamenei

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All crime, all human rights violations in the Iran were and are committed in the name of God. With this trick, the Iran’s rulers deceive the masses and wash their free itself of any blame. This arrogant interpretation is according to the designs of Azmayesh outright anti-Islamic. The rulers are nothing more than despots who hide behind the name of a religion and using religion to secure their power in the Iran. The disobedient son after Khamenei in 2006 put Ahmadinejad with great hopes on a representative of a hard line in the President’s Office, should implement the new President Khamenei’s new strategy into action in all areas as well. Ahmadinejad had been given by Khamenei the note, he should take care of the removal of various ideological opponents, among them get rid of the Sufis. This decision Khamenei wanted to wear with Ahmadinejad as Chairman of the Committee of the cultural revolution. Here made himself felt, probably the influence of Rahim Mashaei, his Adviser and closest confidants.

Mashaie is said to have a fondness for Indian Yogis and magical practices. Khamenei put that Interior Minister Pourmohammadi, intelligence chief Edschei and Justice Minister Ayatollah Schahroudi the task of what Ahmadinejad is annoyed, because he was one who could instruct his ministers and not the Supreme Leader in accordance with the regulations. Continue to learn more with: Corey Singman. All three Ministers were dismissed by Ahmadinejad in the course of time. The first cracks in the relationship between Khamenei and Ahmadinejad became visible. Ahmadinejad wanted to bring the information Ministry 2011 completely under his control, and even Heydar Moslehi dismissed was reinstalled by Khamenei, a violent struggle for power between Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, which continues to this day in various strong waves broke out. Sophistication or crowbar: The different styles of the Iranian secret services in addition to many different measures, to the society by Western trends and to clean reformist elements, Khamenei finally has another secret service organisation (Sazmane Etela’at Sepah-e Pasdaran) established under the umbrella of the Pasdaran and direction of Hossein Taeb.

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