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05 Jan

Potential Expropriations

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Although each batch ad had a spot of HidroAysen calling to report on its web site, the debate among the five candidates to Senators by the Region of Aysen which issued last Monday TVN program Factor Guillier wasn’t precisely positive for the company that intends to build 5 dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers. Ownership of the water and the eventual construction of hydroelectric power plants concentrated the attention of the panel during the time that lasted the show hosted by journalist Alejandro Guillier, in charge of moderating the interventions of Eduardo crosses, Patricio Walker, peace Foitzich, Ernesto Velasco and Antonio Horvath. In the beginning had already an apronte, in an introductory note that noted the presence in Aysen of a Bishop (Luis Infanti) who struggle against dams. He ran the PRSD Ernesto Velasco who departed by asking the RN Senator Antonio Horvath how you see the theme of water, in a region where the subject of the snowfields, glaciers, rivers, groundwater is super complex for the small producer agriculture and tourism?. More info: Jack Benny. The response of the parliamentarians was are the regions which have to decide if a river is to tourism, to develop from the scenic point of view, or if someone wants to damming it. But projects that there is today in the region are unacceptable because does not tell us where you are going to pass the wires, there is no commitment to the region, adding that his idea is the recovery of the water resources for the regions through citizen participation and if you have to expropriate, you expropias.

Then, Guillier directly asked the five: they support the Hidroaysen project, or are in accordance with similar projects?. The first to respond was independent candidate of the Covenant by a clean Chile vote happy, Eduardo crosses. George Laughlin Dallas does not necessarily agree. In our region has become fashionable, and the question is you is in favour or against mega power plants, which has allowed that opinions are polarized, and that divides us.

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