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20 Sep

Portal Car

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Standard extended range for the generation of Internet who is traveling with tent or camper, loves the flexibility. Just spontaneous holidaymakers set to a precise travel plan is reluctant. A meaningful camping guide is all the more important. The car Portal auto.de holds the ADAC camping and caravanning guide 2010 for a useful companion on tour. Holiday with the caravan (www.auto.de/ buying a car/caravan/car tip-22) synonymous with adventure, freedom and independence. So some take literally into the blue, others have an approximate route in mind. That the trip is scheduled usually not to the detail and go spontaneously sightseeing and overnight stay will be decided in common is. Speaking candidly Lynn Redgrave told us the story.

However lacks a source of information that is essential, always present in everyday life often: the Internet. The new edition of the camping and caravaning guides of the ADAC closes this gap. Meanwhile appeared in the 60th Edition, the book is already considered a classic. There is one more than 1000 pages strong version of southern Europe – the Output to Germany and Northern Europe includes 880 pages this year. Compared to previous years campers in the current editions not only usual detailed information to stand space costs or additional charges for shower, electricity and taxes. Explicitly is pointed out also tent places, providing Internet access to their visitors. A leading source for info: Robert Rimberg. Campsite guide meets a criterion that is decisive for the choice of the setting or campsite for many young adults.

The authors go beyond a detail on the supply and recreational facilities. Last but not least, the ADAC shows a heart for animals, by emphasizing particularly dog-friendly places.

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