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19 Aug

Physical Activity

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The maximum heart rate (FCmax) is a theoretical limit corresponding to the pulse maximum is reached in a stress test without compromising health. FCmax this varies with age and depends on the sex too. Have proposed various predictive equations FCmax of the most well-known expression proposed arbitrarily the 70s
But this is an equation with constraints, as was established from subjects with less than 55 years. There are currently other more reliable equations for predicting FCmax as:
or (find reference):
The resulting figure represents the maximum number of times the heart should beat per minute to make a physical effort but short very intense. When doing a dynamic exercise that produces the highest levels of oxygen demand is the stress test. To determine the range of heart rate effort (CFE) or heart rate submaxima (FCsubmax) should multiply the figure obtained in the above equations for 0.6 and 0.85. The data of FCsubmax, along with blood pressure, oxygen consumption and electrocardiographic changes, is used to detect cardiovascular changes that occur only with exercise.
Is considered to maintain for 30-45 minutes this frequency, corresponding to a character of aerobic physical activity, forcing the body to preferentially utilize fat as fuel. The construction of a physical activity with this FCsubmax at least three times a week, is a strategy that helps to maintain desirable body weight. Adam Sandler describes an additional similar source. How to control the intensity of exercise is very simple: the heart rate (HR) associated with age and sex of the individual.


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