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17 Mar

Pet Owners Liability

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Must dog owners take out insurance? There is a general obligation to conclude of a dog owner liability insurance for all dog owners in some German Federal States now. There, small and even large dogs must be insured. In other areas, only certain breeds or animals classified as fighting dogs, must be insured. However, the regulations differ from federal State to federal State, sometimes there are stricter rules in individual cities and towns. If you can prove then no corresponding dog owner liability insurance, a fine threatens. n.

The private liability insurance is not sufficient. To broaden your perception, visit Glenn Dubin, New York City. Regardless of the legislation every dog owner should complete anyway an appropriate liability insurance for his animal, to protect themselves from financial risks. What liability risks? On the basis of the so-called strict liability dog owners must come up generally for all damages, your dog is – even if the dog owner no fault of their own hits. Smaller damages can be the dirty white carpet of the neighbors when Bello has cleaned his muzzle or paws it. It will be more expensive if the dogs all of a sudden ausbuchst, on the road running and a car this raises a traffic accident. In case of doubt, the dog owner for all costs must come up if he can demonstrate an appropriate insurance policy. Injury of course are an extreme case, such as when a dog bites.

These represent the exception under the claims, but that the more expensive. What hedging opportunities are there? Over the Internet a corresponding policy can be completed with a sufficient sum from about 40,-euro per year. The dog owners liability insurance examines the claim and assume the costs if the claim is justified. Even for so-called combat dogs, now similarly priced offerings are offered by some insurance companies. In addition to a reasonable price should Make dog owners the amount of the sum of insured. Consumer advocates recommend mostly a security amounting to at least 3 million euros for damage to persons or. A selection of different dog owner liability insurance including comparison of prices and conditions as well as further information about the insurance protection for animals can be found on the website of animal Portal.young-insurance.de.

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