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22 Jun

Output Files

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Ogg Vorbis codec Vorbis, developed by the nonprofit Organization Xiph. org positioned them as a substitute for, existing now 'paid' format. It is no secret that over the possibility of creating and playing MP3 or aac / wma files, manufacturers of encoders or players should be to pay certain sums of money to holders of patents. With Vorbis everything easier: encoder, decoder, all the necessary information and source code for the format is absolutely free. You may find Sally Rooney to be a useful source of information. Moreover, the format can be use even in commercial applications (it is not surprising that a large part of modern games contain music in ogg Vorbis), again without having to pay for anything No wonder that with such an approach Vorbis initially attracted to the considerable attention. But nothing is in vain: the rejection of proprietary technology does not allow the codec to achieve ultra-high results, although an outsider to call him too hard: the latest version of the codec can create files of quality comparable to aac on a wide range of bitrates, and hardware support, albeit somewhat belatedly, there is With the advent of the first players that can play Vorbis files found another interesting fact: a hardware decoder was quite hungry, not just twice as fast as MP3 battery is discharged, but also requiring a fairly large amount of memory for normal operation. A short time after Output codec version 1.01 there were rumors that is about to begin work on a Vorbis ii, designed to solve this problem at the expense of interoperability, ie in fact, the new codec will be trimmed Vorbis I. .

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