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01 Mar

OLIVA Diminishes

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Maternal milk is an appropriate food for the babies, possesss in its composition vitamins, minerals, oligoelemento, carbohydrate, proteins. It protects the child against infections, chronic illnesses, allergy, and has as advantages to be always ready in the alias process (BARROS 2006). According to Health department (2006, P. 66), some advantages for breast-feeding: For the woman: I tie it fortifies it affective; it favors the involution uterine and it reduces the hemorrhage risk; it contributes for the return to the normal weight; it contributes for the increase of the interval between gestations. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Related Group. For the child: it is a complete food, not needing no addition until the six months of age; it facilitates the mecnio elimination and it diminishes the jaundice incidence; it protects against infections; I tie it increases it affective; it diminishes the possibilities of development of allergies.

For the family and the society: he is clean, ready and in the adequate temperature; it diminishes the internments and its costs; he is gratuitous. Breast-feeding must be offered to the baby with free demand, having some cares as to place it in the correct positioning, not to give foods during the six months of life, in this period to offer only the breasts, to keep mamilos the dry ones, not to use products as soap or any another one that removes the protection of the breast. Breast-feeding is one practical automatic natural one, in some cases they become painful and dificultoso although to be a learned behavior, they lack of encorajamento and aid you practise to keep them adequate of breast-feeding, therefore the instruction and the motivation in the prenatal one are efficient, that it allows to the detention and correction of the difficulties that can appear (SALTY OLIVA and 2005). Puerpera must be clarified how much to the benefits of the maternal aleitamento during the prenatal one, where the necessary information since the gestation until the birth of its baby are passed, being important the incentive for breast-feeding, for the nurse, doctor as well as for the family, diminishing the indices of wean precocious.

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