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05 May

Oktoberfest Brings Together

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A young Regensburg company brings the Oktoberfest on the phone, and the appointment service “freitimer” equal to Regensburg, starting next Saturday, September 18, 2008 it means at the Munich Oktoberfest for the first time oans, zwoa, troffa (one, two, hit). The new Oktoberfest pilot under freitimer.net helps to arrange with friends or acquaintances to striking Oktoberfest venues and above all to find the Oktoberfest visitors. It is often complicated at the Oktoberfest with thousands of people with his friends to meet”, so Fabian Angerer, Managing Director of i-locate GbR and initiator of freitimer and that’s where comes our Oktoberfest pilot in the game”. The Oktoberfest pilot is a map for the 175th Oktoberfest and shows the most important and most striking attractions of this year’s Oktoberfest. For better orientation are shown on the map”also typical features like the Crown on the Hofbrau marquee or the Ferris wheel, explains Abdullah. In addition to the marquees and great rides informs the Oktoberfest pilot but above all through easy-to-find hangouts.

For the ideal meeting places we have focus on striking placemarks, so flashy rides and beer tents, and numbered the meeting places.”explains Ralph book boxes, the second founder in the team of freitimer. Because the phone in crowded tents is usually impossible to write an SMS with the number of the desired meeting point his friends simply and already one found themselves without much effort in a very short time”, so the book fields on. For next year, the two founders plan a cooperation with the city of Munich to make the meeting spot with balloons. There’s the Oktoberfest pilot not only online to the print, but also mobile for each phone under Oktoberfest.

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