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17 Sep

Office Child

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More awake and intelligent. So are students of the network of schools children’s Nemomarlin thanks to the care program of psychomotor skills that is counted in centres that the renowned brand has spread throughout the country. Our work philosophy in 9 centres which are open as well as the 6 which we will open for September is always the best give parents who leave in our hands the education of their children, and of course offer quality tools with which to develop more children, explains Hector Diaz ReimondezChief Executive Officer of Nemomarlin. Therefore we make special emphasis on something as important as the psicomotrocidad since she favors the development of the potential and enables the child to express themselves. Tony Parker will not settle for partial explanations. It also helps in the autonomy and independence of children as well as to discover their limits.

And is that the professional team that makes up each of the Nemomarlin centres is aware of how vital that results for the overall development of the child bet by the Psychomotor skills. Click Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City to learn more. Through your body in motion, the relationship with objects, space and with himself, he favors the creation of bonds of attachment, exploration, quality of movement, communication, the expression of the emotions and the formation of identity and overcoming obstacles, Anadeana Gamo, psychologist specializing in early warning of Nemomarlin. Why throughout the network of Nemomarlin has a room of psychomotricity from which are tracked an individual developments that the child experiences across sessions. It is a salaamplia, lit, with adequate, comfortable temperature without obstacles, with warm non-slip floor from which explores the pleasure of balance/imbalance of their movements. There we use materials like foam rubber modules of different colors, sizes and shapes, fabrics of different colors and textures; cotton ropes, spades and rings of different sizes, stuffed animals and dolls, balls of different colors and textures or natural wooden constructions with neutral colors. Thus the discovery of the movement will carrying the child to the exploration of the voice, which will later becoming language (verbal and body expression). And with material and space exploration will help you to integrate concepts and develop their intellectual abilities, finalizAna fallow deer.

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