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23 Feb

North Americans

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Nobody I ask to him the people of the new soccer if they wanted the name. If you study more or less English by a year you noticed that estatus social plays a great role especially in the English Briton. Soccer” it is an example of the presumptuous ones in work, since the word is, and will be always arrogant. My point is that the people of the high class that put this name to him to ours football did not have taste or respect to the game. For assistance, try visiting Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. They were the same class of people who, if you said to them that you were studying American history in the school, would say, jo, jo, jo, I did not know that they had some! ” The modern game was established in England, developed in Europe and perfected in the South America, therefore why it would have this now to be called by a name given by a country virtually not involved? Personally, I hope that the game takes roots and prospers in the United States although this it faces an arduous fight. Nevertheless, as English translator and professor I do not want to be irritated by the word ” soccer” when I and the people to whom I am speaking have nothing to do with North America. I do not have any replaced reasonable to all this, but fodder that we would have, like courtesy, to use the word soccer” when we are properly in the United States or communicating to us with North Americans. This will avoid confusion without forcing to us to use a foreign word. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

After all, to the North Americans it does not matter to them we call as it in the rest of the world. They simply do not want that we create no confusion with its national sport, and in this they are right all the. The word soccer” it has brought about many interesting arguments since this it was invented. Some years ago I saw a discussion in television on this subject with several distant and expert players of soccer. The best suggestion than listens to wine of (as it memory) the front English star of the sixty, Jimmy Greaves We simply would have to call it Pel.

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