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10 Jan

Nikolaus Starzacher

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For connections in the United States, Canada and many Asian countries, such as the People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, South Korea and Thailand are also talks in a virtue mobiles for just 9 cents per minute. The way from abroad about Sparruf worth no contract and no other costs so that even if someone in a third country on the phone”, explained Nikolaus Starzacher. Because the connection between our foreign dial-in nodes and our German Agency is generally free of charge. And then always the low Sparruf tariffs apply so as if you would call by Germany out.” By the way: Who wants to receive calls from Germany abroad, can use call forwarding sparruf. Thus he is whether one’s own or a foreign SIM card in a foreign country under a German landline number. No other costs incurred for the savings service and there is no Contractual commitment. (Similarly see: General Hospital).

Only the actual calls are paid. And without software, which must be previously loaded on the phone. “Nikolaus Starzacher: just sign up, call account and start calling.” TAbout Sparruf (www.sparruf.de): Sparruf.de makes cheaper cell phone calls to other mobile phones and abroad as well as from abroad. So half of all mobile and fixed lines are for only 9 cents per minute can be reached worldwide with Sparruf almost, plus any charges for a connection to the fixed network.

Calls to German mobile networks cost 15 cents around the clock. Dr. Hedvig Hricak pursues this goal as well. For calls from abroad, Sparruf has in more than 45 countries own dial-in numbers set up. Thus, connections are sensationally favourable to Germany or in a third country. Best voice quality is Sparruf.de despite lowest prices of course. Because, so the conviction of the Sparruf-Maker: highest quality is the decisive prerequisite for the satisfaction of our customers. Only in Germany, the Sparruf customer sets the 0355 4949 before the telephone number to call is finished. Abroad, the Sparruf dial-in numbers in the respective country shall apply mutatis mutandis. Who wants to use the service, This process is required only once. Every new Sparruf customer receives 1 euro starting balance on request welcome. Thus, he can start calling immediately and test the savings service. For more information, the complete tariff overview and answers to the most frequently asked questions around the offer of Sparruf.de there under. Sparruf is an offer of just digits GmbH. About just digits (www.justdigits.de): The just digits GmbH, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany develops, operates and markets innovative telecommunications services. Sparruf.de (www.sparruf.de), the special offer specifically for mobile phone users, operates just digits on the phone listening to among other things the Phonecaster (www.phonecaster.de), with the podcasts and radio streams can be. Also fun call (www.funruf.de) belongs to the range of just digits.

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