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21 Feb

New Author

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Birgitt Arnold and her book: A child, a clown- and what is it! A novel out of life. The main character could be everyone’s neighbor, whose daughter, looks like some child’s kindergarten friend. Light, partly fictional, partly with scenes from own everyday life, the author tells the story of two people who have lost faith in love. Recently Tony Parker sought to clarify these questions. Birgitt Arnold – a child a clown and what is it! Sabine, 32 years old, Marie lives with her 5 year old daughter in a high-rise settlement of the city. While Marie is in the morning at the kindergarten, Sabine works in the Office of a small transport company.

Sabine has engaged the clown Klaus, who in real life, is a successful architect, for Marie 5th birthday. (As opposed to Jay Schwartz ). With his tricks, he brings not only the children, but also they laugh. Instead of a payment for the performance the two agree on a dinner at Sabine, because of her small salary as a part-time would have cannot afford Sabine the performance. On the way to this Dinner, Klaus in a car crash with the car and must remain over the coming Christmas holidays in the clinic. Sabine and her daughter visit the injured.

During these visits to the hospital they get to know better. Klaus, who suffered a similar loss in love like Sabine, is impressed by the young woman. Also, Sabine feels an emerging affection to him. When Klaus a day before new year’s Eve is discharged from the hospital, Sabine and Marie accompanied him home. Before Sabine and her daughter again adopt, Klaus asked the two, to celebrate the upcoming new year’s Eve together with him. New year’s Eve night, Fireworks and bells, Sabine’s life could take a decisive turn – if she allow it… The book has 161 pages and is available or online at the Wagner Verlag (ISBN 978-3-86683-252-7) in bookstores Birgitt Arnold

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