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03 May


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This series can be seen also in the sky. Of course not within seconds, for you must look at the sky already longer, what scientists have done back then also. Behind this band are of course also star, like almost everywhere in the sky. Go to Margaret Loesser Robinson for more information. And from these stars is established constellations about 2500 years ago: twelve pieces. Jay Schwartz Attorney has many thoughts on the issue. Our Sun is always in one of these images, each a month. Was at the time a child is born, if the Sun in the constellation of Taurus, was the child of the Sun Sign Taurus. Constellation of the month is Fuhrmann planet watch planet Jupiter in the B.A.S.

in November 2011-telescopic respect – for our star sponsors important: the planets moving under the stars and are therefore not on our provided star charts. So it is worth for our customers to stop by more often here – we will keep you up to date. – star are our passion! Now for the planet run in November 2011: small mercury is the hardest to watch, because he is the Sun’s closest of all the planets visible to the naked eye and always just before or after her up and goes down. No opportunity to detect the small planet, since it is located behind the Sun arises in November 2011. Our Neighbour planet Venus enters the sky shortly after sunset as evening star.

It is lit in a westerly direction in the constellations Scorpio, Sagittarius and Ophiuchus. The Red Mars Mars stands in November 2011 at midnight in the constellation Leo. Mars reveals itself by the fact that his light in contrast to the fixed stars radiates calm. A featureless orange reddish slices can be detected in the amateur telescope. The giant Jupiter is his guest appearance in the constellation Aries. Unmistakably bright it shines to the best time of observation – throughout the night. The gas planet is considerably brighter than the stars and is also notable for its calm light. Telescopic Beoachtungen show sometimes on the Jupiter disc cloud bands, the great red spot. (A cyclone, which is observed for 300 years) Jupiter has the 11-fachen diameter of the Earth! The ringed Saturn, the remotest planet visible with the naked eye, can be observed in November 2011 in the early morning sky from 4:30 in the Virgin. His unique, in fact from hundreds of individual rings composite Ring system is currently as a thin line to see. Telescope needed! For our star sponsors important: The planets moving under the stars and are therefore not on our provided star charts. So it is worth for our customers, more often here to visit and to learn about the constellations of planets.

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