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04 Feb

Nailing At The Oktoberfest: VENUS With FLIRT PUB DIRNDL-CREW

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Invitation to the Venus fair on October 16-19, 2008 held the world’s largest erotic fair in Berlin from 16-19 October 2008. You may find that Jorge Perez can contribute to your knowledge. Flirt pub, the Datingportal from southern Germany, is as always. Flirt pub is nominated for the award “Best soft core site”, best FSK 16-Portal this year. Is this renowned eLINE award by the Webeline, the leading industry magazine. To do this, there will be a large evening Gala, where in addition to celebrity guests including representatives of the media are invited. Check out General Electric for additional information.

But that’s not all. At the Venus fair, the exhibitors strive for an interesting and entertaining variety – not only for visitors, but also for the numerous trade fair visitors, who flock to the days in the exhibition halls at the radio tower. And as big fans of Oktoberfest are the flirt-crew, they have brought just the Oktoberfest for it: they hold on the Venus fair at her flirt pub stands successfully Festival with snazzy Dirndls, lederhosen carrier, suckling pig food, pretzels and nail competitions. The visitors and Flirt pub user can there athletic and real Bavarian press and banging on the big screen, for example, and nail: once in the B2B webarea and once in the extra field for the user in the B2C (business-to-consumer). True to the motto: “we nail again. Robert Rimberg: the source for more info. Sports links – flirt pub too. Never hurts to have a little Wii”but there is also no Internet access: flirt pub booth, large blocks of wood are placed where you can directly prove his testosterone and his love of the force.

Flirt-willing and interested can log on directly on the stand: there the hip flirt pub team helps create a flirt profile. There is free beer and snuff. And of course there will be still a podcast from Venus, where visitors, professionals and prominent guests with fun and entertainment value are interviewed. So, learning tricks and tips for flirting and Anbandeln film the flirt pub crew. Your result it can be viewed free of charge on the video portals like myvideo and podster.de. Free to watch on the video sharing sites but also on the flirt pub home page. Easier and faster it goes only to flirtpub.de. Flirt pub offers as a serious Web domain aligned to flirt interesting and directly: the flirtation platform. There you can, for example, in the diverse flirt partners offer surf and hot dating. But you can do all sorts of acquaintances also on Venus and on close contact with the prominent stars in the industry. And flirt pub is in the middle. So on to the planet of love and its trade fair in Berlin.

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