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04 Feb

My Way

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Llorres por MI Argentina”, may in this context of course not be missing. Of course are also on this tour now is Seminos third solo tour – again lots of unreleased tracks to discover. In addition to the two instrumental numbers “Libertango” and “Romance Del Que Anda Lejos” for the dances and the rapid Mariachi title “Ay Jalisco No. Te Rajes” is there specifically mentioned atmospheric density and expressive Indio song “Indigenous Toba” to highlight. The one really the best what has presented SEMINO depending on the stage. To come up with “Spanish Eyes” (Spanish: “Ojos de Espana”) and “My Way” (Spanish “A Mi manera”) two genuine classics of music history, interpreted the SEMINO with much emotion and elegance in Spanish language. And last but not least, SEMINO smashes us his version of “O sole mio” in perfect Neapolitan accent contrary. For more specific information, check out Sally Rooney.

Woman’s heart, what do you more the high-quality bonus material of the DVD consists of the film “behind the scenes”, which represents a technical section of someday of tour and stage set-up. This is about 25minutige TV-portrait “Himself” that was sent with best ratings in the ARD. These are two image galleries with photos that were shot during the concerts. The fan-box contains two DVDs and two CDs. The two CDs also include the concert. The audio quality meets the highest demands with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround and the image quality leaves nothing to wish in HD quality also. A true eyes – and ears! And to be also on the amount of time the moving image for the first time on Blu-ray disc immortalized. SEMINO Rossi to the second part of the solo tour, which view live from October 5 until November 24 with 34 concerts through Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, France and for the first time Denmark and Belgium who can’t get enough after enjoying the fan box, which should be.

Also here SEMINO has scheduled again a few new surprises for the shows, which now but not yet may be imparted. For more information about the artist and the concert dates to the second part of the “love remains” tour, visit of SEMINO Rossi homepage.

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