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26 Aug

Music Germany

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Fast unique title with striking hooks seamlessly lined up and form a true showpiece of German mood and entertainment music. Strong and self-confident NIC formulated the bitter end of a relationship in “Look me in the eyes again”, to celebrate the pure infatuation immediately in the song “I want to stand in flames”. The catchy hit “bye bye baby” boosted the spirits of all dance and appeals with his clear statement that it’s sometimes better to go before it’s too late. Excellent composition, which describes the short love as the equally fast separation as well as loose and sexy revealed the result. Boxing champion: the source for more info. “Then the stars shine” and “Everything tonight” gives us NIC further insights into his emotional world and shows times faithful and romantic, even seductive and very sure to do the right thing. The extremely danceable Foxschlager “I turn the Moon in your direction”, indeed the first radio single from “Please stay”, presented in the crisp sound with great catchy tune potential. Stylistically clear, distinctive vocals, in particular arrangement and production stand out, which meet current and highest quality standards. In conjunction with NICs formed vocal and musical expression, “I turn the Moon in your direction” consistently to a first-class – Foxschlager, palpable, unmistakable.

Title “Between sky and Kolle” ends with the 17th the rapid Magic roller coaster of NIC – but this is a real surprise: the generational mood hit is a successful tribute to the city of Cologne and its amiable inhabitants. In the form of typical Cologne resulted, NIC paints a picture, which stands for tolerance, honesty, beauty and Rhenish nature – a Cologne, as all know it! An album of true first-class managed NIC “Please stay”. His third album clarifies unequivocally what NIC is, lives and struggles. Talent, perseverance, and desire to win made him a serious character – passion, temperament and feeling to an individual artist. Finally, can and should he be who he is. Single NIC, so how to love him! Source: Emi Music EMI Music Germany (Electrola) released “Please stay” by NIC on March 19, 2010. More information under: and

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