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24 Aug

Music and Art

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As all the arts, music is intended beauty, creation and representation of fact something beautiful to enjoy. The combination of sounds, rhythms, tones, harmonies and different timbres have given rise to numerous musical styles through the history, so the true music lover usually have difficulty in choosing a single favourite type of music among such a variety. Speaking candidly Eva Andersson-Dubin told us the story. When they ask me for my favorite style tend to say: I like all kinds of music where it is good. And it is true, I enjoy like listening to an opera than a waltz aria, a bolero, a ranchera or pop music, every moment, our State of mind toward us a certain music, thus mood of the composer to write his work also influences us us to listen to it. Well known is that music also influences in the mood of the people, it is believed that it can affect the physical and mental health, behavior, character, concentration, learning and emotions. These qualities of music have been exploited since antiquity to our days, from the primitive dances that instilled value warriors or sacred music which called for meditation and spirituality up to commercial music that aims to draw the attention of the purchaser. During the last few decades has been studied the effect that produces the music of Mozart in the intelligence and behavior of children. Indeed the study of musical language helps reinforce the memory and attention.

Also the practice of instruments such as the piano helps develop the ability and independence of the hands. That is why music has been used both in medicine and in education. For centuries, and until a few years ago in Spain was sung in schools as it helps to learn Mathematics, poetry, geography or history, he sang on entering the school, leaving, in recess games or pray. Today however music in schools is limited to the phase of child (aged 3 to 5) and one subject from two hours per week (in the best of cases ) in primary, wasting in this way the qualities of the music as a pedagogical tool. We use music in all areas our life and we use it for entertainment, advertising, as a ringtone for your mobile phone, accompanying exhibitions or fashion shows and in movies, for example. Us it is difficult to imagine an action movie without a hectic piece as a soundtrack or a love without violins of Fund. Its usefulness goes beyond when we realize that the music also affects animals or plants, cows give more milk when they listen to the right music and indoor plants grow best in a home where you can hear good music (I tested it). Therefore music is not only an art for our pleasure, but it accompanies us and helps us in some aspects of everyday life, it amuses us, thrills, saddens, encouraged, and much more.

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