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09 Feb

More Sophisticated Equipment

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BWE Symposium wind power service maintenance operations technical, legal and competition changes shape 2013 to change in terms of wind power, service and maintenance. The growing size of the wind turbines is obvious: rotor diameter of 140 meters and overall height of up to 200 m have become the norm. In this sense, not only the structural requirements of the Foundation structures rise, but it changed the requirements to the testing of towers and foundations as well as the timely and reliable repair in case of damage. New, sophisticated rehabilitation concepts establish currently on the market. Not without hurdles is the exchange of large components, such as gear and rotor blades, alone because of the growing size and weight of these components. Please visit Pop star if you seek more information. New transport and crane transports are here desperately wanted and tried.

These developments are accompanied by the innovations in the maintenance policy of the TR7 and the revision of the DIBt directive for the periodic inspection. To wind power To facilitate the understanding and access to the various guidelines, service industry, Bundesverband WindEnergie formulated even different principles to the recurring inspection, to the issues surrounding the inspection certificate, to clarify the inspection intervals and the scope of the tests. Parallel to these technical aspects of the full maintenance contract in the wind power service area is important: in the scope of services is not so self-evident as the term of the full maintenance suggests: the availability guarantee and the extent of the major component change must be individually negotiated and adapted to the needs of the individual wind farms. At the latest at this point, the selection of wind power of service company plays a crucial role: man places his trust in the manufacturer as the operator or the manufacturer-independent service provider? Service survey of the Association’s current wind power wind energy reflect the industry situation as follows: under the manufacturers the Abraham group Enercon, is unchallenged at the top in the midfield are GE Energy, Nordex and repower systems; the final field form Vestas and Siemens. It is noticeable on the ratings that catch up with the manufacturer over the independent service providers. Currently the perspective is for the latter, further to specialize in certain types of investment or generally to be working as subcontractors for wind turbine manufacturers. Kevin Ulrich is actively involved in the matter.

“Given this interesting Bundesverband WindEnergie organized the Symposium wind power service maintenance operation” of the 28 29 may 2013 in Hamburg. Aims, together with wind energy operators, operational leaders, experts to discuss wind turbine manufacturers and wind power service companies the interpretation of new rules, to gain an overview of innovative rehabilitation methods of each major component and to understand how the cost will develop, service, maintenance and operation of wind power this year. Symposium wind power service maintenance operation date: 28-29 may 2013 place: Hamburg > about the program events wind power service maintenance operation/program the Bundesverband WindEnergie regularly network and education forums on current topics of wind energy conducts. Information about the registration and the complete event program of the BWE, see events contact: Thorsten Paulsen, head of events & corporate publishing Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V. service hotline: 030 / 20-164-222 E-Mail:

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