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08 Sep


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Even at the end of its history most brilliant cycle they manage to rise to modernization, and not integrated into the industrial revolution. On the contrary, entering recoil, losing his slave, colonial and mercantile, Empire against the new capitalist empires that arose. Thus Spain and Portugal receding towards stagnation feudal or is incertan in the economy. They coexist tumultuosamente, Colon was creating the European vision of the new world. Thomas More, Montaigne, Shakespeare, Rousseau, were already implicit in the Italian Navigator. As the Taino, inhabitants who encountered Columbus in the Caribbean were innocent and happy, became convinced that the conquest would be easy and profitable.

Calling Indians Indians, he consecrated not only its geographic error, but that it would confirm a cultural misunderstanding of long-range. Until today, the continent suffers from a wrong and colonialist nomenclature. Exploring something more, Colon came to know of the existence of other tribes that opposed the tainos, were fierce and even cannibalistic (Caribs). As they seemed to him to be wild, not only convinced Columbus that should be converted to the true faith (yours), but that was also lawful to enslave them. In a letter Colon planned the future of the new world; Discovery, conversion and conquest were one thing for him. Already in the following century, Bartholomew Las Casas, Dominican born in Seville in 1474, would argue that project. The idyllic description Columbus for most of the human groups who discovered, did cast based on the myth of the noble savage and revived the medieval discussion on the exact location of the earthly paradise.

On his fourth voyage, Columbus believed to have achieved proof that this was located in South America. Thus began the utopias that shaped more or less explicit had to the new world as a pleasant place. As advanced sailor who was, Columbus knew that I could be proud of his nautical exploits. But as representative of the Spanish Crown, in charge of finding a new route to the Indies, had to admit at the end that his company had failed. His expedition only took to Europe a bit of gold, some exotic feathers and seven Indians. But the stories of their discoveries were a real success of bookstores. If Colon died poor and failed in 1506, his literary output knew no oblivion. America as a poetic theme, was invented by this prosaic sailor sentenced to hyperbole to hide their mistakes. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.

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