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12 Jan

Michael Schnickel German

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What was therefore closer to be used with this method for areas outside of chronic and stubborn disease or severe pain located? So the offspring Mesolift has now very successfully established itself in aesthetic medicine. First signs of skin ageing such as small wrinkles, sagging or tired looking skin can be treated effectively. To make no errors come up: the method is implementation and result here by no means comparable to a surgical lifting or Lasering, to say nothing of certain mental stress factors that usually bring such treatments. Rather, it is a moderate form of skin rejuvenation and basic treatment, which strengthened primarily the elasticity of the skin and the moisture retention and thus ensures a fresh and especially natural look. What happened now and in the skin? Skin toning substances using a specially developed electronic micro injection gun evenly along the skin folds and the entire surface of the face, neck, neckline or back of the hand are introduced. From the tiny, tight little equals to close this tiny punctures of a sewing machine felt, given a light local anesthetic in the cocktail of active ingredients. This includes an individual combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, circulation resources and strong moisture-binding UN-tethered hyaluronic acid depending on the skin type and on the basis of the medical analysis.

The quality of such treatment stands out pleasantly by other methods, the skin character remains and it remains naturally entscheidend-, the skin becomes gently padded inside, regenerates and extensively geglattettzt. While the visible revitalising effect adjusts itself mostly after the second session, unanimously confirm how many patients. Experience has shown that sufficient already three 20 sessions at intervals of about two weeks to keep the tired skin over many months over again fresh and vital. To permanently achieve a beautiful complexion, safely additional sessions can be done after about six months, without that it resents the skin. On the contrary, the now sensitized skin, any revitalization treatment absorbs grateful. 250,-to 400,-apply depending on the treatment costs approximately per session.

Of course, a beautiful face with fresher and firmer skin is the desire of every woman and also strengthens the self-confidence. But aging process of the skin occur once on the different parts of the body. Also here can help this method through therapy variants and combinations with the lifting method effective and proven itself as a holistic therapy. Some examples may illustrate this: fat deposits and cellulite be treated without surgery as well deep wrinkles, spider veins, or stretch marks. The tiniest amounts of injection Botoulinumtoxin prevent the emergence of forehead and Wrinkles, crows feet, neck and cleavage wrinkles and excessive sweating in the armpits. Hair loss an injected revitalization cocktail leads this to a stimulation of hair follicles and if still lived to a renewed, strong hair growth. Also in the modern anti-aging, the method assumes an important function and in turn makes sense can be combined with other measures. And finally proven nutritional supplements from the range of therapies provide comprehensively for the beauty from the inside”. If you want more information, click on.

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