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06 Jan

Medical Research

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However, Thorndike left to study animals and started to study the learning human being; whereas others studied the learning human being, however based in animal behaviors. In accordance with Catania (1999), the nature of then can say that it had learning. According to Oliveira (2002), ‘ ‘ basic in more complex psychological processes. This transformation in accordance with occurs the interaction with the social environment and it use of tools and symbols culturally determinados’ ‘. (A valuable related resource: Sam Jones). Products of the Learning Are the three types of learning: the cognitiva, affective and the motor. The cognitiva learning is resultant of the organized storage of the information in the mind of the human being and is known as cognitiva structure. The affective one results of internal signals to the citizen and can be identified with experiences such as pleasure and pain, satisfaction and dissatisfaction, joy or anxiety. Some affective experiences always follow the cognitivas experiences.

The affective learning is perceived as soon as occurs simultaneously with the cognitiva. The psicomotora involves acquired muscular answers through trainings and practical, but some cognitiva learning is generally important in the acquisition of psicomotoras abilities. Therefore, cognitivos products; formation of concepts and principles. Affective products; the formation of attitudes and values. Motor products; the acquisition of habits and abilities. Consideraes Final: On the basis of this study it can be perceived that throughout the history of the humanity the learning in its diverse forms has been basic to the development of the society.

One knows that, in what says respect to the schools, he has pupils that they have learning difficulties, however, based in studies, the professionals of the education have adopted methods that they aim at to facilitate the cognitivo, affective and psicomotor development of the pupils, objectifying to form citizens able and cliente of the great necessity to be if bringing up to date and learning each time more. It is important to stand out that such subject is very ample and must be analyzed minutely, however, consists as being a norteador for future research.

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