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12 Nov

Martin Merkel With New Album Dance All Night

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The current album dance all night by Martin Merkel, we are proud to be the new album to dance all night by Martin Merkel present.Martin is no stranger to electronic music scene. He has just under one of his many pseudonyms “Chemical Boy” his album disco steps published. Formerly known as DJ and producer in Europe on the road today more the ever in the Studio after a long absence from the musical scene he started again in 2011 to produce diligently. Martin has among other things with DJ greats such as Monika Kruse, Jack de Marseille, Adam Beyer, Thomas Schumacher, Gayle San, DJ Rush, Paul Langley and many other DJ BBs over the years across created together.Various publications at UCM in Germany also. (Deep blue records) M faces or Freetech in France back Side EP. Also, Martin has several remixes for artists such as E.g. A.K.S (chaos in my brain released) many resident clubs lined his path he has followed over the years.

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