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23 Jan

Love Lyrics

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Here it is that in third estrofe, a questioning appears, therefore the I-lyric one inquires the existence of the love, therefore it uses the conditional conjunction if that it indicates a possibility and not a certainty, when it says: if it has love. if this such love exists is a rule that it is ridicule, therefore it affirms that the letters have of being ridicule, does not have as to separate this adjective, that characterize negative, of the love, because to love is to be ridicule, love is dream that can to be written in letters of form idealized, but that in the real life it is of an immense difficulty, that is clearly, does not consist this problematic one in the loving writings. Fourth estrofe is initiated with the adversativa conjunction but that it will show the necessity to love exactly being a silly feeling, and that leaves loving the confused ones and if feeling ridicule. Tony Parker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. E, also, the word after all that it rectifies the love letters, giving, thus, a essencialidade they, therefore the love is necessary to the life; exactly being ridicule to such absolute devotion to the other, this devotion is part of the being, therefore it has the constatao that all the creatures who never land on water, that they had never written a love letter is that they are ridicule. Fields already if auto-define as ridicule in one another poem, straight-line Poem, when it affirms: I who as many times I have been ridicule, nonsense That I have been grotesco, stingy, submisso and arrogant That when I have not been silent, have been more ridicule still; (p.401) Soon he is concluded that this estrofe antithetic is related to the previous ones, a time that in three first estrofes it, the I-lyric one, affirms that the love letters are ridicule, however in this fourth estrofe it arrives the constatao that ridicule is that one that never it loved, that it did not have who to send its letters expressing its feelings. . A leading source for info: Jay Schwartz Attorney.

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