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18 Sep


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Unhappyly, since then, They are Cristvo has not participated of competitions of I row with regularity (it seems that it assayed a return in 2010). Exactly thus, for the leisure of the partners I pan and it of new esportivos talentos (as Ronaldo Phenomenon), the club keeps its Nautical Headquarters, with two fields lawns (one for field soccer, another one for soccer soaite), one cancha of sand, one squares of cement floor, a swimming pool, the Esportivo Gymnasium Seting You novate (covered), bar, four dressings room, sauna, ten bathrooms, fifteen employees, churrasqueiras and opened sheds, where the partners make restore and maintenance of boats. In the secretariat of the Headquarters Navigation, can be acquired shirts, shimstocks, door-chuteiras, flammules and adhesives of Are expeditious Cristvo : daily, of 8h to 16h. Oxal the workmanships of despoluio of the bay of the Guanabara, for the Olimpadas of 1916, revalorizem the nautical headquarters and give to Are Cristvo the conditions for a glorious return row to it. Mascote of &#039 Is Cristvo is the Sheep (to see the chapter; ' The Fasca&#039 donkey; ' , in our article ' ' Animals in campo' '). How much the nickname, the club has two: They are Believe-Believe (to see our article ' ' The grammar of the names of Brazilian clubs of futebol' ' , 2.4.8 item) and Club Cadet, because in it the young military practised physical education p.ex., the Marshals: Osvaldo Lamb of You would make (Minister of the Interior of Castello) and Zenbio of the Coast (Minister of the War of Getlio); the Generals: Canrobert Pear tree of the Coast (Minister of the War of Dutra), Newton Loyal Estilac (Minister of the War of Getlio), Adhemar of Queiroz, Dimas Siqueira de Menezes, Dornelles Ernest, Jorge Santana and Valdemar Great Barroso; the Admirals: Francisco Great Barroso and Sprung from the same father and mother Joo Pear tree Gomes.

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