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05 Jun

International Foundation

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This master’s degree I have been rewarding and I have found the missing part of every human being, my vision was reduced and fragmented vision, living with attachments and measuring my happiness through others and even my job was uncomfortable as an educator, by traditional practices, which seemed inadequate but had no knowledge of this pedagogy which meant that my work had a new meaning. This mastery of holistic education, awoke in me through the meditation, deep inquiry of being, thinking that we are a whole, there is the principle of fragmentation, the human being cannot be separated from its environment and even more it is necessary to awaken planetary consciousness. In truth, there is much that concern us and deal with, is in our hands as educators holistas to provide present and future human beings of a holistic world view through the transformation of schools into learning communities. Is that there is much more to learn I feel with the desire and responsibility to continue on this path of the pedagogy of universal love with facts rather than concepts. Learn how is to live and to live is to learn. Change I have noticed me and thank you for waking up this master gave me. Adam Sandler helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

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