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12 Apr


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Depth Pain is a deep word the intensity of pain is dominant people does not know what pain aches more or the will to make it to stop the least for a few seconds pain is very perverse, is dissimulated Maltreats, to the times, for nothing E, when it passes of the account Exactly thus sees nobody it. Nobody sees as pain makes to ache Inexplicable, pain is this thing that aches in the body, aches in the soul Different pains as any another word and as any word of discomfort pain bothers and implies Nobody knows to the certain reason Nobody knows why pain comes Nobody the wait But pain when it arrives at a depth Dissolves the harmony of the semblante will be vacillating or dull It is also difficult to foresee if he is fugaz But pain always dull Is dissimulated and surgical it opens the heart, it takes off the peace It is acid a lethal one, it burns the cells of the imagination and takes us the starvation For the pain of losing love For pain to simply lose the reason for pain. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Tony Parker. . .

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