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02 Aug

Human Resources

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Traditionally the planning associated with the human resources function rested on the anticipation of templates, either by ensuring the necessary staff to jump-start production plans, either by the budget of expenditure which represent their wages. When can we say that human resources planning is strategic? When is added to quantitative planning of resources its qualitative dimension, that is, powers that the members of the Organization must have to achieve the objectives pursued. In this way, the apex strategic organization to contemplate the problems of human capital within business strategies comes with greater reliability in the pursuit of the objectives. Should the strategic human resources plan aspects include? The feasibility of counting with payroll quantitative, and qualitative (skills) required to achieve business objectives. Internal, external and the gap analysis (actual situation desired situation vs.) The most appropriate organizational structure (organizational roles, grouping of activities, design of posts, workloads). Profiles by competition for every job and measurement systems of competencies in human resources processes. The desired culture (patterns of behaviour accepted and desired by the Organization).

(Where recruit), acquisition strategies development (in that train), (reward) activation or inhibition (to punish) competencies. Functional plans which deployed strategies. The Board of Control to validate the success or failure of the designed strategies. I would like to hear your opinions and experiences regarding the strategic planning of human resources. Invite those who are interested in this topic to take a look in the next release. David Souter has similar goals. . bubok. com / Bachelor’s degree in human relations University of Moron. Master in Madrid Polytechnic University human resources management. 12 years of experience in management of human resources in private companies in the category logistics, retail and agribusiness. Blogs related Puntigliano: I am responsible for the failure of the auction Uruguay FM Spacio file in the site begin the 2010 powers of Bombillos.

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