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13 Jun

HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL .net To Enable .NET Of Applications To Convert HTML To Word

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SautinSoft delivers the innovative DLL component letting developers mate powerful HTML-to-RTF conversion capabilities into their word processing “with HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL .NET we are delivering a ready-to-use solution that enables developers of document management and Internet applications to focus on their core competencies, rather than spend time on creating their own solutions from scratch,” says Max Sautin, CEO of SautinSoft. “Only three lines of code is what you need to add HTML-to-RTF capabilities to a project, which saves days of the tight development lifecycle.” ‘ HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.NET’ is designed as a standalone solution, which does not require Microsoft Word or any other word processors to produce RTF conversions. Once embedded, the component enables the application to convert HTML, XHTML to RTF, languages in ASCII or Unicode, exporting webpages in English and non-English DOC and plain text, such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean. The original file can be uploaded into the application via form based file upload or via the form where the user needs to enter the URL address of the webpage to convert. To produce to exact copy original of the ‘ HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.NET ‘uses its own conversion engine that accurately parses a webpage, recognizes all item and converts to a clean RTF file. The component displays everything, including HTML tags, font face, size, and color attributes, CSS styles, full text formatting, tables, pictures in GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG. The user can set custom page parameters, number of pages, margins, headers and footers. The final result of the conversion is a perfect copy of the HTML document in a new format, RTF or DOC.

There are many uses for ‘ HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.NET’, and one of them, for example, is to use the component to build on offline browser. More and more people these days rely on the Web as a research tool in the office, college and home, and there is a strong demand for Internet applications. With HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.NET’, developers can build applications with HTML-to-RTF conversion that will help users to grab webpages, export them to RTF or DOC, which are more common for office applications, and read offline copies later, or use them for reference. ‘ HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.Net ‘can be integrated into any application designed for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac. The component requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher and starts at $239 for a single developer and single server license. Distribution of ‘ HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.NET ‘component is royalty-free. For more details on the capabilities of ‘ HTML-to-RTF Pro DLL.NET’, check the following links: view online demo: more information: download free trial at../download.

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