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20 Feb

Help With Chronic Diseases – The Role Of Body Chemistry

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Atopic Dermatitis, asthma, allergy, ADHD, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease Crohn, rheumatism, gout, psoriasis, allergy, obesity, migraines, depression,.,. Trier/Frankfurt book fair 2012. The medicine has be the beginning use of the German “economic miracle”years pushing in just a few decades in a jurisdiction, not really corresponding to their trade at Hinsehen. Therefore, she now also rather gives the impression of a vicarious – versus seeking help chronically suffering from an industry that, focusing on the development of many different preparations to make this chronic suffering more bearable. For decades, people have been drilled in this country on consumption, and the today hardly more to unsurpassed wealth of food and beverage has given rise in the impression, as the natural engine “Human” with synthetic or natural ingredients is infinitely resilient.

Causing the (biochemically) already massively overloaded Digestive and excretory system has been proven on the 80 percent of our health-care costs. It makes no sense to consider only the single food with its ingredients! Crucial is how much total take of the people with their daily diet of synthetic and natural ingredients! After this evil cocktail the metabolic organs not require very sure. But still, he is imposed them again and again! Who wonders still remain in the body due to overloading biochemical substances that don’t belong there (or at least not in the accumulated amounts) and the individual interference is reached when the first (defensive) symptoms? Depending on the genetic disposition, the most diverse reactions of the mucous membranes, eczema, inflammation, and pain this includes up to discomfort such as ears, hyperactivity, fatigue, anxiety, depressed mood, and much more. The symptoms are not uncommon after their discoverers named or described with Latin and Greek terms: eczema, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, obesity, diabetes II, migraine, depression…. Depending on which show pronounced the suffering, the “craze” of the institutions is the louder after discharge. The usual standard analyses are hardly suitable to give information about this profound body chemistry. This is also to understand why even the number of malnourished children without tangible results is growing inexorably. Just this unstoppable suffering of the children is probably hardly a doubt that the physical and mental degeneration in our modern society is always premature starts. Thus the cost of treatment now not always continue to grow beyond – about which already little more dimension – indigestible in biochemical sense it is time to open the eyes of those affected and to make them understand what makes today so indigestible food.

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