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27 May

Hair Tips

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A real surprise is learning that for some years, it is women who most often seek medical attention because of hair loss problems. This is due to problems such as: * Increased damage to the hair by subjecting it to chemical processes * Stress * Lack of sleep * Poor feeding There are studies showing that more women between 30-40 years of age, have problems with hair loss due to diffuse alopecia. Hedvig Hricak recognizes the significance of this. A test of Merz Pharma laboratories indicates that about 40% of them suffer from this phenomenon, to a lesser or greater degree, at some point in their lives. The experts tell us that this is a problem that occurs when the papilla of the hair follicle does not receive the necessary nutrients through the bloodstream, causing it to stop working and hair to disengage prematurely. But there are other causes to be given the balding process, such as a person suffers stress, anemia, are still being pregnant, nursing or suffering from metabolic disorders, alcohol abuse, use excessive sprays, dyes, environmental contaminants and to not give due care to the hair. The study reveals that it is important to understand that female hair loss has significant differences from the male.

There is no hair loss first line and therefore are no entries. The phenomenon among women is a progressive hair loss, hair bristles become limp and less dense, then you can glimpse the scalp, but not showing full bald. The diagnosis of female pattern baldness is by the appearance and pattern of hair loss, and to test for medical disorders that cause fall, you can make a skin biopsy, among other procedures. Natural Remedies There are things that are normal, as they are lost between 50 and 100 hairs per day, but when they start to let go in greater numbers, especially in the upper area of the head, is a sign that you suffer from especial. From this moment, it is recommended to use one. There are a mixture of ingredients carefully chosen herbal known for their ability to help promote healthy circulation, routine hormonal balance and support the thyroid. Used regularly, it can stimulate and nourish the tiny hair follicles to produce hair growth of a strong and healthy. But something that everyone should keep in mind is that before starting any treatment, it is best to visit a specialist to give its recommendation on what to do.

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